Sporting Corruption Ban For Pakistani Cricket Umpire


Posted: February 17, 2016

Updated: May 25, 2017

Umpire Banned For 5 Years

• Asad Rauf removed
• 2013 Twenty20 scandal
• Illegal betting charges

The ever widening understanding that corruption and cheating have pervaded every distant corner of sports means that the revelations of new investigations into sporting corruption have become almost an everyday occurrence, as more sports that once attempted to hide their scandals now come clean with them, and whilst football is dragging its feet a little, the world of Cricket is ahead of the game.

Cricket has had to face the demons of sporting corruption for a number of years now with match-fixing allegations alone dating back well into last century, but whilst that means they are further down the road towards purging themselves of this cheating which ruins the fun of those who bet on sports in India at Bet365 or wherever, it does mean there’s a question over how effective it is being if new keep cropping up.

Asad Rauf was given a 5 year ban for his part in an illegal betting scandal that beset the Indian Premier League’s Twenty20 tournament back in 2013, the Board of Control For Cricket In India having already passed out three life bans to players also involved, and gave two year bans to both Chennai and Rajasthan when officials at the clubs were found to have been making illegal bets too. It was not the high point in Indian Cricket.

Illegal Gambling Leads To More Sports Corruption

Of course if you’re Indian gambling laws of averages means eventually the authorities will win their battle against this sporting corruption, one may need to reassess that. These crimes are from just two years ago, not the dim distant past like those recently highlighted in Tennis, so the ongoing crack-down by the BCCI on cheating hasn’t seemed to work as a deterrent, even if the Mumbai Police can be pleased with their result, getting one more cheat off the pitch (as it were).

Sporting corruption has now surfaced in so many different disciplines and different nations that for any sports organization to ignore the possibility it is going on right under their nose is wholly ridiculous, and the denials and secrecy are not the way forward for the sports involved, and do nothing to guarantee the fairness of the competitions for those that like to wager on them at Bet365, however it would seem Indian Cricket has a fair way to go yet before it wins this endless war on sporting corruption.

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