Sports Betting Progress in Canada Blocked by NHL, US Neighbors Might Make Some

Sports Betting Canada

Bill-C 290 has been under the table for 3 years now in the Canadian House of Commons

The National Hockey League (NHL) deputy commissioner Bill Daly, has made it clear, once again that the NHL is not ready to see North American ice hockey competition in Canada reach merdian betting proportions. This was outlined in a letter recently sent by NHL to Windsor West MP Brian Masse.

For Masse this is a blow. He had recently sent a mail to the NHL to ask them to back Bill-C 290. It essentially sought to make sports betting odds a thing of the future in Canada, if betting on single-game sports could be made legal. Daly has turned his back on supporting online sportsbooks in Canada, and in other parts of North America.

Fears that corruption in sportsbetting might spoil integrity of NHL

Daly fears that if the bill does somehow go through it could present a danger to the integrity of ice hockey in Canada and in the US. He stated “We continue to believe that Bill C-290 will increase the overall volume of sports betting in Canada which is a result we do not favour” . He hopes that Canadian gambling laws will in fact never allow it as he is concerned about the negative impact betting can have on the professional sports industry. And he may just have his wish.

The Bill-C 290 has had some trouble going from the drawers of the Canadian House of Commons to be being vetoed. And so, since it was originally initiated back in in 2012. The Bill is long over due now even for a review, but even this has been set back. Over in the US though, it seems that professional athletes are all for a bill which would at long last legalize sports betting all over the country, as polls recently showed.

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