The Rise of Skywalker Betting Tips that Will Help You Win Some Money

  • Betting odds on Star Wars: Episode IX hitting the US box office are optimistic
  • Watch the last chapter of the Skywalkers' saga in cinemas this December
The Rise of Skywalker Betting Tips
Daisy Ridley and John Boyega return for one last episode

The ninth episode of the Star Wars saga will be in cinemas this December. Fans are guessing if the last film of the trilogy is going to beat a few box office records. The Rise of Skywalker betting tips looks optimistic and way better than The Last Jedi ones.

Episode IX is going to close a nine-part Star Wars saga about the Skywalkers. Therefore, fans expect the film to be successful in the worldwide box office. The Rise of Skywalker won’t obviously reach the success of Endgame but still can beat records within the franchise. 

The Rise of Skywalker Betting Tips
Mark Hamill

The Rise of Skywalker betting tips predict its success in the US

Online sportsbook news in the US says The Rise of Skywalker can show good results in the domestic box office. It is likely to earn more than its forerunner, The Last Jedi. In 2017, VIII Episode grossed $220 million during the first weekend. It earned $620 million for the whole period of film’s release in the US. The worldwide box office of the VIII Episode was $1.3 billion. This is much less than The Force Awakens gained before. The VII Episode finished 4th in the all-time worldwide box office grosses. It earned $2 billion, while the next film failed to reach even the top-10. 

The Rise of Skywalker betting tips: what to bet on to win money

The last chapter of the Skywalkers saga will beat The Last Jedi by the results of the first weekend. The Rise of Skywalker will definitely have a higher opening weekend in the USA than the previous episode. The possibility is 1.40, following online sportsbooks in the US.

The Rise of Skywalker betting tips can help to benefit even more from the upcoming Star Wars film. Episode IX is likely to earn more money from the first week since its release date. People bet on the latest J.J.Abrams’s film to gross more than The Last Jedi in the US in the first week very often – 1.57 odds.

Some Star Wars fans don’t believe in the big success of The Rise of Skywalker. If you also doubt that the last chapter of Skywalkers’ saga will overcome The Last Jedi by first-week box office results, you can bet on it at 1xBET Sportsbook. The odds on Episode IX to gross less than its forerunner in the US are 2.25.

If you are ready to participate in predicting the Star Wars: Episode IX box office results, read the latest review about 1xBET Sportsbook first and enjoy the film in cinemas from December 20.

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