Super Bowl 57 Special Bets – SB LVII Odds For 2023


Posted: February 6, 2023

Updated: February 6, 2023

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In this article, we are going to talk about the Super Bowl 57 special bets. Therefore, you should register at the online sportsbook sites in the US. Because there are more websites than one that would allow you to bet on the Super Bowl. However, one of the best sites to find custom props is Bovada Sportsbook. Because they offer special attention to the requested props via Twitter. However, if Bovada is not available for you, then you will be able to find similar sportsbook sites in our dictionary.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to the most amazing special bets. Because wagering on the outcome of the match is cool. However, placing a bet on Rihanna’s outfit or her tracklist is equally great. Furthermore, you only get to bet on the Super Bowl advertisements once every year. These ads are unique, creative, and amazing every year.

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Super Bowl 57 Special Bets

Let’s start our list of Super Bowl 57 special bets with the most unique props. Therefore, you can find general betting picks among the 2023 Super Bowl betting odds. However, these props were made for those who are interested in more gambling and fewer game predictions. Therefore, we have the Coin Toss first. It isn’t hard to figure out that heads and tails have no mathematical difference. Therefore, you get to put money into either of those.

Coin Toss Results at SB LVII:

  • Heads – 1.952
  • Tails – 1.952

But if you are feeling a little risky, then we also have the color of the liquid. Therefore, you can either pick Blue, the most likely winner’s color.

SB57 – Color Of The Liquid On Winning Coach

  • Blue – 1.909
  • Orange – 4.50
  • Lime/Green/Yellow – 4.00
  • Red – 9.50
  • Purple – 11.00
  • Clear/Water – 11.00

Bet On the LVII MVP

I know that in the end, there will be only one player to remember. Therefore, this is why the Super Bowl 57 special bets heavily revolve around the MPV.

Because even if it is a huge community and phenomenon. Because we can see that all players want to become the MVP. According to the NFL, there are three forerunners.

However, Travis Kelce is among these names. Therefore, you can either pick Jalen Hurts for 2.25 for the safe bet. Furthermore, you can bet on Patrick Mahomes, who has an ankle injury. But if Travis Kelce gets the MPV? Your bet value is 11.00.

  • Jalen Hurts – 2.25
  • Patrick Mahomes – 2.35
  • Travis Kelce – 11.00
  • A.J. Brown – 15.00
  • Devonta Smith – 26.00
  • Miles Sanders – 26.00
  • Haason Reddick – 26.00
  • Jerick McKinnon – 56.00
  • Isiah Pacheco – 51.00
  • Chris Jones – 41.00
  • Darius Slay – 66.00
  • – More at Bovada.

Super Bowl 57 Special Bets On Statistics

In the last year, the Super Bowl bets in America have broken a sports betting record. Therefore, people are more and more interested in betting on the Super Bowl.

No wonder why, because it is the biggest sports event in our world. However, people love statistics too. This is why we have bets such as distance bets. According to  ESPN, the longest enforced penalty was 66 yards. We believe it’s going to be over 15.5 yards this year. Furthermore, we will have probably over 7.5 yards of touchdown too.

Distance of first Touchdown of the game

  • Over 7.5 Yards – 1.77
  • Under 7.5 Yards – 2.00

What distance of the longest enforced penalty in the game?

  • Over 15.5 Yards – 1.465
  • Under 15.5 Yards – 2.60

Rihanna Super Bowl LVII Tracklist 2023

We already had a long article about the Rihanna Super Bowl LVII odds. However, with every passing day, the odds change and they are getting better.

If you are a fan of Rihanna’s music, then you will be happy to learn that she is going to be the main performer. Among the Super Bowl 57 special bets, you will get to pick the first song she will perform during the halftime show. The odds for her songs are the following:

  • Diamonds – 2.75
  • Don’t Stop The Music – 3.75
  • This Is What You Came For – 4.50
  • Lift Me – 6.50
  • What’s My Name – 7.00
  • Umbrella – 9.50
  • Stay – 10.00
  • We Found Love – 13.00
  • Where Have You Been – 13.00
  • Rude Boy – 17.00
  • Higher – 21.00
  • Needed Me – 21.00
  • Work – 21.00
  • Hate That I Love You – 23.00
  • Unfaithful – 26.00

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Super Bowl 57 Special Bets On Advertisements

We all remember the iconic advertisements at the Super Bowl. For example, who could forget the time when Eminem became a puppet and broke the screen? Because this is not going to be different this year.

In fact, with advanced technology, these advertisements can go as creative and wild as the imagination goes. However, there are a handful of competitions. This is why you can bet on which of the following companies will show.

Avocados From Mexico vs Hellman’s

  • Avocados From Mexico – 1.111
  • Hellman’s – 6.00

Doritos vs M&Ms

  • Doritos – 1.80
  • M&Ms – 1.952

Doritos vs Pringles

  • Doritos – 1.333
  • Pringles – 3.20

Experian vs Rakuten

  • Experian – 1.87
  • Rakuten – 1.87

Heineken vs Budweiser

  • Heineken – 2.20
  • Budweiser – 1.625

M&M vs Pepsi Zero Sugar

  • M&Ms – 1.667
  • Pepsi Zero Sugar – 2.15

PopCorners vs Pringles

  • PopCorners – 1.87
  • Pringles – 1.87

Rihanna’s Super Bowl Outfit

Finally, we would like to return to Rihanna among the Super Bowl 57 special bets. Because you can bet on the color of her outfit.

Furthermore, if you are an experienced sportsbook bettor. Then you should already register at Bovada. Because these odds are insane. According to Twitter, the most likely dress she will wear is a hip-hop sport-inspired black outfit.

However, she could surprise us with the color of gold, silver, or even orange as far as we know. In conclusion, this is probably one of the best props to wager on. Make sure to look for different betting props at Bovada. Because you can bet on every single match, and the smallest of details about everything.

Color Of Rihanna’s First Outfit

  • Black – 2.00
  • Gold – 6.50
  • Silver/Grey – 7.00
  • White – 7.00
  • Green – 8.00
  • Purple/Pink – 9.00
  • Red – 9.50
  • Blue – 13.00
  • Brown – 13.00
  • Yellow – 13.00
  • Orange – 19.00

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