Super Bowl Final Bets Approach Epic Proprtions

Will Giants defeat Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI final? Who will really win: the teams or sportsbook punters as millions are at stake?

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As always, the Super Bowl final brings enormous sports betting wagers placed on the game. This year, the competition will see New England Patriots and New York Giants play at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Under American gambling laws, online sports betting is restricted. This, however, doesn’t prevent millions of American Football punters to make bets on the game, including bets placed with offshore sportsbooks.

The wagers include not only betting on Super Bowl XLVI winner, but also on a variety of events (such as who will score first) that can happen in the game.

There are different options to bet on sports in US offered to punters. Some legal and some not so much.

Betting on Super Bowl Outcome

Prior to each Super Bowl final, a wide variety of bets takes place. These American Football Super Bowl bets can include such innocent sports betting as stakes placed among colleagues, friends, acquaintances. In addition some underground, mafia-style, wagers are placed regularly.

On the other side, there are official channels to make real money bets on sports.

A punter can enter a sports betting outfit and place the wager. Whether this can be done or not, depends upon individual state laws. Nevada, for example, is a popular place to make sports bets. Super Bowl wagering in this state is approaching $90 million mark.

The other option is to place a bet or two via online sportsbooks in United States.

Intertops Sportsbook, for example, offers some great Super Bowl odds to punters. With many bonus offers, gamblers are increasingly going online to place their wagers. This is expected to grow as the new technology makes online sports betting an exciting gamble with lots of options, all while offering bonuses to punters.

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