Svenska Spel Paves its Way to Esports Betting in Sweden

esports betting in Sweden

In hopes of being able to offer Esports betting in Sweden, Svenska Spel dives into a three-year sponsorship deal with the Swedish Esports Federation.

Major sporting events in Sweden including football, ice hockey, floorball, handball and bandy, are sponsored by Svenska Spel. It is a state-owned company, which has a monopoly on the gambling market in Sweden, but not for long.

In January 2019, a new online gambling legislation will come into effect. Its monopolistic reign is ending. Many online casinos in Sweden will be coming into competition. So Svenska Spel turns to esports betting in Sweden, a niche which is not yet offered in the country.

Main Sponsor of Swedish Esports Federation

Swedish Esports Federation (SESF) is a member of International Esports Federation. They are the voice of Sweden on a world level. All Swedish competitions and esports players are represented by SESF.

Svenska Spel comes up with the strategy of sponsoring SESF in order to stay dominant in the gambling industry. The three-year sponsorship deal would help Svenska Spel with future esports betting in Sweden. According to Swedish online gambling news, it was agreed that SESF would provide Svenska Spel with ‘unique activation opportunities and chances’ regarding the betting odds.

In return, SESF will receive the resources needed to develop esports in Sweden. Svenska Spel also vows to ‘contribute to increasing interest in and the status of the esports national team’. The sponsorship was supported by notable people in the epsorts community. This includes Fnatic CSGO Director Andreas Samuelsson and Epsorts Commentator Kim Larsson.

The Future of Esports Betting in Sweden

With the new gambling market opening in 2019, Svenska Spel is applying to offer esports betting in Sweden. The SESF sponsorship deal makes it hard for other gambling operators to compete with Svenska Spel. They are prepared to be the leader of the esports betting niche. It’s a great addition to being the only online sports betting site in Sweden for now.

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