The Best Players of the Copa América – Part 1

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Our purpose was to introduce the best football players participating in the upcoming Copa América.

Copa América is the continental football tournament which decides who is the best team of South América at the given time. It is always only the best teams of the region who are allowed to participate and these teams are full of amazing players year after year.

• Diego Alves is the best keeper
• Marcelo is top left-winger
• Brazil’s defensive line is incredibly strong
It is not only the great star teams, such as

Brazil or Argentina, who has many amazing and incredibly skilled players, but also the smaller teams have some highly talented players. Our aim was to introduce the best players of the upcoming tournament.

Brazil have the best goalkeeper in the competition

If we had to name one position, which would be the most important role in a football team, it would have to be the goalkeeper’s position. Mobile betting sites keep citing the old that if you want to build a good football team, you have to start by purchasing a great goalie. Of course, national teams have a bit harder job in that sense, as they cannot sign players.

Copa America goalies 2015

However, some teams of the Copa América are extremely lucky to have top quality players in the goal. Colombia’s David Ospina has been discovered in the World Cup in 2014, and has signed for Arsenal since then. He would be number 3 goalkeeper in our dream team while number 2 would be Chile’s goalie.

Claudio Bravo has been Real Sociedad’s goalkeeper for 8 years until last year’s World Cup, when Barcelona signed him due to his great performances. He played rotated with German talent Ter Stegen. Even though the amazing skills of the above-mentioned 2 keepers, we had to choose someone else for the leading role of our Copa América Dream Team.

Our number 1 player can be only one player, and that is the goalkeeper of the Brazilian national team, Diego Alves. Alves was Almería’s player until Valencia signed him in 2011. He has shown incredible skills against all great teams he has played against – last time, he basically took away Real Madrid’s hopes for the league by saving all their chances.

He would be the goalkeeper of our dream team, while Bravo and Ospina would be his substitutes. Diego Alves has also shown incredible goalkeeping skills in the Spanish La Liga, saving 43,24% of the penalties given against them. In addition, he is the only goalkeeper who managed to save two penalties of 3-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo!

Brazil also gives the best wing backs

The role of the wing backs have not been so important until Brazil gave Cafú and Roberto Carlos to the football world. These two legendary players reformed the role in its basics – they defended perfectly, and they meant an incredible help in the attacking third of the field. Roberto Carlos is still regarded as the best left back in the history of football, according to Brazilian gambling news.

A new Roberto Carlos will be hard to find, however Brazil still has great players in the above-mentioned position. Marcelo is not only the perfect successor of his legendary predecessor in Brazil, he is also Carlos’ replacement in the Spanish giant club, at Real Madrid. He is probably the best left back at Copa América.

His substitution could also be found in the squad of the Selecao. Filipe Luis has played at Real Madrid’s reserve team and has spent 4 years at Atletico before signing for English champion Chelsea FC. Online sportsbooks report that these two left backs will be the best ones in the tournament.

On the right side, we would like to pick another Brazilian, Danilo as the best right back. FC Porto’s defender has had an amazing season, he scored many goals even though that is not his main task. He helped his team won the championship twice, however they did not succeed this season as Benfica claimed it.and has lead FC Porto into the Champions League quarter-finals this season, where FC Bayern München stopped them after Porto won the first game by 3-1.

Copa America 2015 players

Danilo also lead his team into the quarter-finals of the Champions League where they defeated Bayern München by 3-1 on the first leg. However they get humiliated on the second leg, which the Brazilian had to miss due to suspension. Danilo’s substitution in our dream team would be Chile’s Mauricio Isla, who is a player of Juventus and is on loan at QPR at the moment, according to the reports of online gambling sites in UK

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