The Day 666Bet’s Personnel Gambled and Lost in GBP 21 million Fraud Case

666Bet Fraud

Paul Bell, a director of 666Bet, was reportedly arrested at Heathrow airport last week and charged with fraud.

An online betting operator at 666Bet has been jailed for fraud and money-laundering after investigation involving $31.1 million led to his arrest. Just last week, UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) regulatory body which represents UK gambling laws took away the company’s license until further notice as well as that of the Metro Play brand. The UKGC refuses to make any public announcements on the case for now.

Seven people were arrested in total, including Paul Bell a 666Bet company director. He was arrested at London Heathrow Airport during a joint investigation by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and the National Crime Agency. 13 properties were raided and GBP 1 million in cash was taken hold of as part of Operation Bannock, which is being backed by investigators on the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Probe widens concerning others involved in the money-laundering investigation

Neil Andrews, 666Bet, head of brand, told UK gambling news that a one-time stockbroker currently working as an investor, Paul Bell, was again arrested by police in the Isle of Man after having been released earlier the same day. Bell, who claims he is innocent of any wrongdoing, is rumored to have investments in diverse markets, including 666Bet, within the online gaming sector.

Documents from the Isle of Man Financial Crime Unit depicts Bell as being someone who is “part of an active criminal investigation”. It also mentions 3 other people, in addition to the 25 companies, that are under investigation too. Following this abrupt fall-out with the law, English League One third-tier football club Leyton Orient, has decided to withdraw from the current sponsorship deal with 666Bet.

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