The Future of Cryptocurrency was Discussed at the Bitcoin Conference Prague

Bitcouin Conference Prague 2015

The event, which had the pure aim to discuss the future of Bitcoin currency, was very popular among Eastern European casinos.

Online gambling sites in the Czech Republic report that the capital of the Eastern-European country has hosted the Bitcoin Conference Prague on Thursday, 14 May. The event was a great hit among all those who are interested in the online gambling world, so both players and gaming providers have attended.

The main topic of the matter was in connection with technological improvements. Those, who have participated, can now know more about the latest technological developments, mobile solutions or data security systems that online internet casinos work with, when using Bitcoin as a currency.

Many famous companies have attended in the event

Bitcoin Conference Prague was very popular mostly among Eastern European countries such as Russia, Poland, Armenia or the Czech Republic, but it also attracted people from Italy among many other countries. Representatives of well-known gambling companies, such as Endorphina, BW or Cryptosteel, have been present during the celebration.

Endorphina’s presency was not a surprise to those who are familiar with the online gambling industry. They are one of the most develpoed mobile casino gambling providers thanks to their constantly improving and innovative developments. They are known for testing their games perfectly so that their customers can receive top quality and reliable gaming content.

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