The NBA Western Conference Finals: a Preview

NBA Western Conference Finals

Curry and Harden will face-off with an incredible cast.

Although it’s their first trip back to the Western Conference Finals in 18 years, Houston made their presence known. James Harden led with 31 points while Dwight Howard had double-double of 16 points and 15 rebounds. Against an LA Clippers team, that was expected to win the series, the Rockets were down by 2 games in the best of seven series.
In game seven, Houston played in stellar fashion dominating LA 113-100 making U.S. gambling news.

The Golden State Warriors have had a terrific season and strolled into the playoffs taking no prisoners. That was, until they faced the Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference Semifinals. Falling in game, the warrior saw themselves tied at one a piece going into the third game which they lost again. Thanks to an adjustment by coach Steve Kerr, Golden State returned to their regular “kick ass mode” and won the last three games. They are scary and they’re coming for Houston.

The Houston Rockets finally go back to the dance.

It’s difficult to overlook the feat that the Rockets pulled off. To lose three straight games, with the third in horrendous fashion, and be able to turn it around 15 minutes left while down by 19 in the next game. Coach Kevin McHale said that “It just tells us we are capable of winning three games in a row.” In a seven game series, it’s a crucial skill to win at least one game or maybe two away from home.

Kevin McHale James Harden

MVP runner up Harden spoke of their comeback. “It’s easy to get down 19 on the road and then just give in and say ‘maybe next year’, but I think the injuries throughout the entire year, it’s kind of made us fight through adversity no matter what. So we’ve always been down a man. It’s always finding a way to get through, finding a way to fight it.” There’s no better way to prove that than with a 40-15 run at the end of game.

Although Harden has averaged 26.3 points throughout the playoffs, he is capable of being slowed down by Draymond Green of the Warriors. Josh Smith will have to step in and use his size to make plays on offense. Unfortunately, defensive point guard Patrick Beverly out because of injury so Trevor Ariza will have a job to do guarding Curry for possibly seven games. Waging on individual player performance, within the rules of U.S gambling laws, might be more entertaining than laying your money on the overall win.

The ultimate question concerning the Houston Rockets is whether or not they can maintain the mindset they had leaving game seven of their series with LA. Golden State was considered the best team in the league going into the playoffs. They’ve done almost everything they’re expected to do. The Rockets were on fire. Let’s hope it doesn’t get smothered before tonight.

The Golden State Warriors doing what’s expected of them

Golden State Warriors are a fast paced team typical of the west coast. Of course they will face an equally quick Houston team. Stephen Curry is able to win the MVP award in front of Harden, but it was well earned by giving it 110% every night. It also helped that Curry had a healthy team unlike Harden who had to make up for Howard and most of team at one point or another.

Stephen Curry Klay Thompson

Golden State Warriors, equipped with two gunmen like Curry and Klay Thomspon, shoot the ball often. The Memphis Grizzlies were able to neutralize a bit of that though with their tough defense particularly in the paint. Curry’s onslaught in game six made the difference. If the Rockets can hold the Warriors defensively, a hot Harden and Howard could put a number on them.

The Warrior’s Center Andrew Bogut isn’t terribly mobile. If he gets in trouble it could force his teammates to help him which may slow their tempo and give the Rockets offense a carrot to grab for. The bench for both sides has a degree of depth to it. With veterans Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguaodala on the bench, the Warriors will have backups for defense. But Pablo Prigioni of Houston is coming off a good last game.

Draymond Green is a force and has worked hard to prove that he is one of the leading contributors to the Warriors success. With his scoring and defensive ability, he will give Josh Smith of Houston some challenge. Hopefully he won’t sacrifice his defense of Green in order to try to put more points on the board. It could very well end up being the other way around. I’m sure this game will be exciting to all viewers and punters using online sportsbooks in the U.S out there.

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