The Netherlands World Cup Chances: Can The Netherlands Be Second?

The Netherlands World Cup Chances

The Netherlands! World Cup chances have dropped significantly after their horrible performance in their latest game. Can the Netherlands qualify for World Cup?

Online betting news in the Netherlands have been devastated thanks to the horrible result achieved by the Orajne last week. They were hosted in the wild Balkans in a World Cup Qualifier game and they were favourites to claim all 3 points according to every single online sports betting sites. However, the Netherlands lost to Bulgaria in the fifth match day of the World Cup qualifications.

The Bulgarian side needed no more than 5 minutes to take the lead thanks to a clever score by Spas Delev. Only 15 minutes later, Delev scored vs the Netherlands again with another great shot to the long bottom corner. And that was the goal that set the final result. The Netherlands were powerless against Bulgaria in the remaining 70 minutes and now the Netherlands World Cup chances are not the best, thanks to results like this…

France qualified for World Cup 2018 already?

As we know, the group winners will qualify directly to the World Cup finals – the top 32 international football teams in the world -, while 8 out of the 9 the second placed teams will have to participate in the World Cup Qualification’s Playoff round. That is probably the only chance for the Netherlands to be able to qualify for World Cup 2018 in Russia.

They obviously won’t have an easy task competing against France, who have one of the strongest squads in international football as of today. Online sportsbooks in the Netherlands expect the French team to win the group, as they are already leading, without a single defeat after 5 rounds. They tied only once – against Belarus in the first match day.

If you like to bet on the impossible and you believe in the bright future of Dutch football, you can bet on the Netherlands to win the group ahead of France. The best odds for this are at Unibet: you could make 14.00 (13/1) times your stake if it were to happen. However, I must warn you, that’s not a very likely event – France does not seem like the kind of team who plans on making it difficult to qualify for the World Cup.

Can the Netherlands be second in the group?

The Netherlands’ World Cup chances are not very good to qualify directly. However, if you ask “can the Netherlands be second?” or “Can the Netherlands still qualify?”, I must agree with the predictions by online sportsbooks: yes, the Netherlands still haven’t los their chances to qualify!

Currently the Netherlands are in the 4th position, having collected 7 points. However, third placed Bulgaria is not expected to be able to continue its great series of performances and shall drop points in their last 5 matches. They have 9 points thanks to their surprising win against the Netherlands. Sweden are second at the moment with 10 points.

However, anything could change already in the next World Cup Qualification round: France will visit Sweden in June, while the Netherlands are having a sure victory upon hosting Luxembourg. They will come closer to either Sweden, France or both after the 6th match day and then there will be still 4 more matches to be played. What the Netherlands Worlc Cup chances are? Pretty good I’d say. And their odds to finish in the Top 2 are 2.00 (1/1) at BetVictor. Might be a good idea placing a bet on it…

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