Pesapallo – The Finnish Version of American Baseball?


Posted: March 11, 2021

Updated: March 11, 2021

  • Pesapallo as National treasure of Finland sport
  • Pesapallo, traditional ball-batting team games and American baseball
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Image source: Flickr

Are interested in traditional sports of various countries that combine uniqueness, athleticism, and teamwork? If so, pesapallo could be one of your favorite sports for betting and passing amazing time while watching. The next pesapallo game will be on 10 June in Erku-Areena, Finland which is a great chance to choose the pesapallo game to bet on.

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Why select a Pesapallo game to bet on? 

Why do you watch sports events or What is the sport for you? How do you see the sport? Some can estimate sport for passing thrill time while watching competing athletes or teams. Some individuals see sport as an international event that helps to increase the communication between nationalities. There are some sport types nations use for showing their cultural individuality to the world. Yes, Pesapallo is this kind of sport that can be played by everybody just for fun. If you want to bet on Pesapallo and need more info for stepping solid stone let’s together dive into the Pesapallo sport’s world.

Do you like traditional ball-batting team games and American baseball and Finland? You are in the right place. Because Pesapallo is Finland’s national game that combines traditional ball-batting team games and American baseball. It is like the Finnish version of baseball that has changed and grown in popularity though times. However, it doesn’t mean just Finnish people play and enjoy it. Other countries such as Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, and Canada’s northern Ontario are among the fans of the sport.  Are you among the lovers of pesapallo? If so you can visit 22BET Sportsbook and choose pesapallo game to bet on.

As other sports Pesapallo also has a series known as Superpesis and every three years teams compete for a Pesäpallo World Cup. So, on 10 July will be West-East and the same day West (Women)-East (Women) games will be in Erku Arena. 22BET Sportsbook could provide you with all the needed info for easy betting without wasting time.

the pesapallo game to bet on
Pesäpallo at its best – Image source: Flickr

Pesapallo with unique rules and similarities with baseball

Is Pesapallo the copy of American baseball? Let’s look at what kind of similarities and differences they have. It is great news that if you are aware of American baseball this will be useful for understanding the rules of pesis. Because in spite of new expressions most of the words used for pesapallo are similar to baseball.

So, as baseball, the offense tries to hit the ball successfully for getting a score and runs through the bases. During this defense try to put the batter and runners out. As seen, the idea of the game is very simple. However, there are important differences between them, and this difference is the vertical pitching. It makes hitting the ball, controlling the power and direction of the hit, much easier.  In pesapallo the manager has an important role in leading the offense by giving signals to the players using a multicolored red fan.  The defensive team play is directed by the manager’s orders and hand signals by the fielders. So, all these compared to baseball give the offensive game more variety, speed, and tactical aspects. If you want to get more info about pesapallo this article would be useful for you.

As seen, the rules are not the complete copy of baseball. It is a unique treasure of Finnish sport that offers experienced fans endless various tactical battles while newcomers enjoy the rapidly developing play action. Actually, this amazing, unique sport is not just developed and played in the territory of Europe. Pesapallo could cross the continents and its 10th Pesäpallo World Cup 2019 happened in India for the first time. So, if you are among the individuals who enjoy novelty and uniqueness, don’t hesitate to select the pesapallo game to bet on by visiting online sportsbooks in Finland.

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