The Rich Also Cry: Poker Stars Server Crash

Poker Stars was embarrassed by a server crash, which left over 70K players stranded Tuesday night

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The world’s premier online poker site operating in full compliance with British gambling laws saw a major server crash Tuesday night. Over 70,000 poker enthusiasts were enjoying their quite evening at the tablet at that time.

United Kingdom gambling news report that the absence in service happened early evening on Tuesday on GMT time. The players were caught in mid-game and were temporarily cut off from accessing hand histories as well as other important information and poker site’s facilities. The recently launched iPad poker service was also affected.

Naturally, the players were contacted by one of the best online poker sites in United Kingdom. Poker Stars came up with a “Server Issues” email revealing that the operator was ”currently experiencing some problems with players logging in, creating accounts, and accessing the cashier, among others.”

The statement from Poker Stars calmed players down promising a quick review of the problem and its swift resolution. Players were also promised refunds to those players who were affected by the server crash. All concerned players are free to contact the poker operator directly via email or live support.

Server failures and crashes are quite common at renowned online poker sites. Most of the operators even have a specific clause in the Terms and Conditions in regards to failures.

The online poker community on popular forums is currently debating how Poker Stars will refund the affected players. Some suggest refunds in proportion to chip stacks, buy ins and the actual number of players logged in at the time of the crash.

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