The Show Must Go On… And Las Vegas Casinos Need Them To

Elvis Presley Billboard in Hotel International 1971

People love to be entertained and casinos know this: here are the ten favourite shows of people visiting Vegas.

The more fascinating, the better. As online internet casinos become more and more popular, tourism in Las Vegas has transformed and gambling had to give up its place as star of the show. Now, people seek extravagant and jaw dropping programs to watch – gambling can come afterwards. Huge companies like Caesars Entertainment, Las Vegas Sands and MGM Resorts International race to win over the best of the best to keep visitors interested. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority predicted that in the near future, there will be around 45 million tourists visiting Las Vegas each year.

• Gambling became a secondary aim for visitors
• Live performances help casino hotels gain revenue
• Best shows sell out in days

Last year, 41 million people visited Las Vegas, and most of their money was spent on forms of entertainment other than gambling. With the help of mobile betting sites, gambling is becoming an almost everyday activity for people who favor it. This means that travelling to Las Vegas for the sole purpose of gambling is no longer a special occasion. So, if casino resorts want significant profits to keep on hitting their bank accounts, they have to step up their game. And what better way to do this than by hiring some of the most well-known and loved performers in the world to do their thing and awe the people?

Revenue from ticket sales are just the top of the iceberg

Hosting these famous shows comes with more than one benefit for the Hotels: not only do they gain income from all the tickets sold, they also collect revenue from what the visitors consume. People stay in the hotel, they drink and eat and have a good time. All this amounts to more income. MGM, owning a massive 27% of all hotel rooms in the city, also has four of the best shows on payroll. Some of the best shows according to include: “O” by Cirque du Soleil (listed as the Top One,) the Celine Dion concert, Absinthe, Jersey Boys, Human Nature and the Blue Man Group.

Cirque de Soleil
Number one on the list, Cirque du Soleil is a master in captivating the audience with its well thought-out acrobatic moves and amazing choreography. It has laid down the foundation of the circus becoming sophisticated as well as entertaining and already has six shows in the city. No wonder tickets are expensive: effects they apply include the usage of water on-stage. Gambling news reports that performances Celine Dion and Terry Fator hinge on visitors’ nostalgic feelings and result in numerous full-house venues. For Celine Dion’s show, for example, there are more than 4,000 seats and ticket prices range from USD 55 to USD 250.

Many prefer a more adult stance when it comes to performances

Absynthe in Vegas
Absinthe, which is fourth on’s list, is a mix of things: burlesque, comedy and acrobatics for a mature audience, with topless dancers. La Rêve is a show that embodies grace and perfection…in water. A riveting show aided by 16 scuba divers and is one of the most-loved performances. Other shows on the list, like the Blue Man Group, embody many styles at once: they add humor to magic and the result is a charming, marvelous show that sells out almost right away. mentions many additional programs, such as Laughternoon, The Rock of Ages, Marriage Can Be Murder and the Million Dollar Quartet.

Even if they are performed every single day, one has to be swift in buying tickets, because these shows sell out at the blink of an eye. And that is exactly what casino hotels are counting on. MGM, for example, has constantly rising earnings, mainly due to the fact that it hosts a huge number of shows in many of its hotels. The number of visitors seeking to gamble in Las Vegas has decreased thanks to mobile casino gambling, true. But casino hotels will be able to keep up growth and the interest of tourists with the assistance of these doubtlessly wonderful and engaging shows.

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