The South Region of the Sweet 16 in March Madness

NCAA March Madness

Round 3 of March Madness pits 4 teams against each other in the South Region.

March Madness is upon us. Many have already filled out their brackets and most have at least one defeat which probably ruined the whole outcome. The storied “Sweet 16” is well known in U.S. gambling news as the “darling” group. Traditionally the Sweet 16 has more sentimentality among fans than the elite 8 and the final four. In the 3rd round, 16 teams will compete in 8 games. Among the four regions, Midwest, East, West and South, 4 teams will play per region.

• Four teams will face off in South region of Sweet 16
South Region 3rd round will be in Houston, Texas
March 29

It doesn’t matter so much the level of seed in this round. In this round, the fans can look and see which teams got to the round because they were good or lucky. The Sweet 16 is the time for us to discover who could get the title of “Cinderella team” or the team who had the heart and the will to defy the odds in the tournament. The South Region competition will be in Houston, Texas on March 29.

Duke University and University of Utah

The Duke University Blue Devils are always a threat every year. They have no equal when it comes to consistency. The Blue Devils made their 13th appearance to the regional final and beat Utah last game. This year their record of 29-4 pales in comparison to their “elite three.” Three freshmen, who are already NBA contenders and three others who are impressive, make Duke a “deep” team.

Duke University vs University of Utah

The University of Utah has a 24-8 record, but lost 3 of their last 5 games. The Utes have survived when most chose them to loose. Utah is currently on a streak. Many punters have already earned well betting on Utah according to U.S gambling laws. They’ve remained in the top 10 nationally throughout the season.

Most are going to side with Duke on this one. It seems to be safe money as Duke looks as if they are on a collision course to the final four. Their shooting is at 54.5% the other night. What’s more lethal is that they haven’t shot worse than 45% in over a month! And the Utes may not have an answer for the dominance of Duke’s Okafor.

Gonzaga University vs. UCLA

Gonzaga University will. The Gonzaga Bulldogs are a force to be reckoned with. Their super record of 32-2 makes them one of the top picks. They’re a team with size and depth. They had to come “up their game” and came through beating Iowa by shooting 61% and making 10 three-pointers. With three players over 6 foot 10 inches, they could also be quite a force from the inside.

Gonzaga University vs. UCLA

The UCLA Bruins have a 20-13 record, but quietly made their way into the tournament in the 68 field. Many feel they are the recipients of a lot of luck since they had the worst record of any of the larger programs to enter the tournament. A SMU team blowing a 7 point lead with 1 minute and 30 seconds left of play helped UCLA. Call it what you want, this confrontation may be a bit lopsided.

Gonzaga looks like their recovering themselves nicely and are ready to move forward. It seems that Gonzaga’s fortune of facing a team, that may be the weakest in the Sweet 16, can be a plus. Can UCLA face this hungry team? Have opportunities made them weaker and unprepared? Or will their luck hold out on them again for yet another game. This matchup could be a stressful game to watch for those placing their wages through mobile sports betting.

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