The Top 5 Places to Gamble in Luxury

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Growing numbers of people worldwide enjoy recreational gambling, but where can you place a bet with the most comfort?

There are literally millions of casinos worldwide ready and waiting for you to step in and spend a night with lady luck. Choices range from vast, extravagant resorts and complexes, to that shady local establishment where the biggest gamble is probably with your own life, if you venture into the place. You know the one, with all those angry biker dudes outside.

But if you’ve got money to play, why not do it in style?

If you want to know the top five places to gamble in luxurious settings read this article as we run down your best options. We’ve done all the hard work, you just need to pick one and go take your chances.

Shaken, not stirred

Our first casino has frequently made British gambling news in the past due to one particularly famous, and fictional, patron. This is of course the Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco which has welcomed the dapper British gent James Bond on more than one occasion.

Famous people who have performed at Caesers palace

• Frank Sinatra
• Celine Dion
• David Copperfield
• Muhammad Ali
• Barrack Obama (yes, the President)

Housed in an extraordinarily beautiful building, the casino has been around for aver 150 years and is synonymous with lavish gambling. The Monte Carlo doesn’t allow citizens of Monaco entry into the gambling rooms at the casino, so if you want to feel a bit like a V.I.P over locals, this is the place to go. The Monte Carlo is even part owned by the Prince of Monaco, which is genuinely quite cool.

Arrive at the right time of year and you might catch a glimpse of the Monaco Grand Prix, as the route goes right by the casino. The Monte Carlo has a reputation as one of the best places to gamble in Europe, rightfully so.

Viva Las Vegas

A list of Casinos without a mention of the famous American City of Las Vegas in Nevada just doesn’t happen. Since gambling in the state was legalized in 1931, people have flocked to the city from around the globe to play their favorite games. One of the most popular casinos on the strip is Ancient Rome themed Caeser’s Palace. If you’ve seen the recent series of Hangover films, you’ll know Caesers.

The casino hosts major events throughout the year ranging from boxing and sporting contests, singing performances, stunts and elaborate magic shows to name a few. Caesers attracts both celebrities and wealthy high rollers that are often spotted playing at their tables.

Due to strict US gambling laws it’s no wonder that another of our luxury casinos is found in one of the few states permitted to allow the activity. The Venetian, Las Vegas, is modeled after none other than the Italian City of Venice. It comes complete with artificial canals that guests can take a gondola ride down.

Both of these casinos are true architectural beauties, in both building form and internal design with each featuring elaborate and fantastic interior décor.

Noble bet, Sir

The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden is an original Imperial German luxury. The building was constructed in the 1820′s, with the casino added in the 1850′s and extended in the 1910′s. This truly stunning place is outright ancient compared to other venues you will find in the world’s biggest gambling hot spots. Every piece here is an original, made and maintained with German care and excellence.

The Kurhaus takes you back to an era a century before mass tourism first started, still leaving the impression of a place where not just the rich and famous, but where the noble go. Placing wagers in such a place will no-doubt leave you feeling the luxury in the air.

But, those casinos are all so far away

In our final casino, the player can enjoy all the home comforts their heart desires. Want to sit around in your underwear while raising your opponent? Cool. How about eating last nights left-over meals before you blow the dice? No problem. You can even sit and stroke your cats head if you like, because you know, maybe it’s lucky.

So where is casino number 5? The casino or rather casinos I’m talking about, are the ones you can access from your very own bedroom on the internet. These days there is no requirement to travel at all if you want to enjoy some gambling action; some of the best services are available with one simple click of the mouse. And if you don’t consider that as a luxury then you’re certifiably crazy.

Mobile casinos can even be accessed on the go; as you wait for the bus on your daily commute, perhaps a quick hand of blackjack will make the trip just that little bit less awful.

So, whether it’s featuring on an exotic trip or done from the comfort of your home, there is plenty of opportunity to gamble in luxury. Each of these casinos is basically world renowned and would be recommended by any season gambler. It all just depends on if luxury to you is being surrounded by lavish, fantastic buildings or having the freedom to walk about nude as you try to beat the dealer at blackjack.

I think I’d rather stay in bed and try some internet gambling from home.

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