The Walking Dead: Gambler’s Edition – Michonne

Michonne from Walking Dead walking with two zombies

Michonne, the most hardcore samurai-sword pro woman you’ve ever seen is coming up in our special series of TWD in the casino.

I am absolutely positive that she is able to turn people to stone with her icy expression. She doesn’t even need the samurai sword, her eyes are weapons enough. But of course, the sword adds an extra portion of coolness to her character, so it should definitely stay. To this day, we don’t know too much about her family background. She, too, keeps to herself, and I hold that she would thrive in an underground US poker room.

• Smart and has intuition
• Reads people well
• Would be great at poker

She was brought into the show via Andrea, a character who Rick and the others met during the first season. (Side note: She’s as irritating and whiny as Lori.) Andrea nearly died and was saved by Michonne, a woman who at first, seemed like a psychopath, walking around with zombies on leashes. This, however, later proved to be a very smart move. Andrea and Michonne became besties (the reasons to which I still can’t fathom) and entered Woodbury together. She immediately senses that something is not right with that place and the man in charge, The Governor. Michonne has a great sense of intuition; I cannot really recall a situation where here guts mislead her.

Family life: quasi-unknown


She never speaks about her past, what we know about her family is only through her own flashback dreams

Like Daryl, Michonne is not really the type to hash it out. She prefers to stay silent and doesn’t talk about her past. She would have the best poker face and wouldn’t need to use online casinos in the US to become a poker winner. There are some flashbacks in the show that reveal to us that she had a boyfriend whom she lost when all hell broke loose. For a while after suffering such a major loss, she had hallucinations that her boyfriend was there with her on numerous occasions. Totally broken, she would have conversations with him. We also reach the conclusion thanks to these brief memories, that she must have been a lover of arts.

Another interesting thing about Michonne is her attitude towards children, more specifically, Judith. She had to be forced by Beth to actually hold the baby, to which her reaction was crying (something that cannot be often seen by her.) She then told the miserable story about how she lost her son, Andre. Maybe because of these losses, she in hard to approach and hard to talk to, but it seems like in the last season, she and Rick formed a special friendship. She gladly helps other and is the first to jump when there’s a problem. Although she’s the self-preserving type at first, she becomes much more selfless thanks to the group.

A samurai woman

Michonne chopping zombie head off

From soft feminine mother she trained herself to be a skilled warrior

Post-apocalyptic Michonne is not your typical stay-at-home housewife waiting for you with chocolate chip cookies and homemade vanilla ice cream. She kicks ass. She does everything in her power to survive, even after she lost everyone she loved. She’s also very sharp; she catches on quickly to the fact that Walkers don’t notice you if you smell like them. So, she catches two zombies, makes them harmless by chopping off their arms and jaws, and puts them on a leash. Sure enough, she is zombie-bait no more with this tactic. She wouldn’t have to use mobile casinos, she’d be amazing at a real life poker table.

I am sure she would deliberately choose poker games with shady characters in secret rooms only gangsters know about. Without saying a word, she’d win using her surreal intuition and would smile sarcastically once all of her rivals’ money is taken. She’d catch on extremely quickly to each of these guys tells. If, however, these questionable players decided that they wanted to get back what they lost in less than “gentlemanly” ways, Michonne would simply and without hesitation show them what making a grave mistake looks like. Then she’d walk away rich and content, with the keys of one of the guy’s Mercs in her pocket.

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