The World’s Weirdest Sports: A Journey into the Absurd (part 2)

  • Muggle Quidditch is actually a thing.
  • Redneck Games, the low-life Olympics
  • Have you ever seen dogs surfing?
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The world’s weirdest sports continues with its oddities in sport.

The world’s weirdest sports delve into ridiculous activities and a piece of the madness that drives them to gambling news. Imagine people racing to see who can iron a shirt the fastest while riding in a kayak on a river. Maybe a gentler intro into the weird would be riding in a transparent ball with water in it, while going down a hill. Or you can put on your flippers, grab a hockey stick and play hockey at the bottom of a pool.

• Outhouse racing in Michigan on ice
• Unicycle polo with swearing and booze
• Quidditch played at 400 colleges

In the world’s weirdest sports anything seems possible. Many people have never seen a bog, which is a small body of water filled with dead plant matter. If that isn’t strange enough, try putting on a mask, wetsuit and flippers and swim through it? Perhaps these sports may seem a bit too extreme. There are other sports that offer cleaner fun. How about 11 rounds of chess boxing?

The world’s weirdest sport’s list reconvenes with outhouse racing

Outhouse racing seems to be the real deal. A yearly competition in Michigan pits teams of three against each other. Two people push while a rider navigates the outhouse across a finish line. Just for clarity, an outhouse is an old name for a portable toilet. Each outhouse, required to have a toilet, paper dispenser and a toilet seat, is set up on skis. Teams can express their creativity by decorating and naming their toilets. With sponsors like Coors Light and Mustang Ranch Steakhouse, this sport may have a great future.

Redneck Games: Olympics for the less fortunate but wannabe athletes

There is a competition called the Summer Redneck Games that takes place in Georgia. In order to avoid going to extremes, let’s look at one of the featured sports. No matter how weird laws in countries can be, there will always be weirder sports. The mud-pit belly flop is such an event. The painful practice of jumping and landing flat on one’s stomach is probably more soothing on mud than water. If that doesn’t interest you, there is always the discus throwing with hubcaps or “bobbing for pig’s feet.”

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The mud-pit belly stop is always a big hit at the Redneck Games

Many people may have wished as children they could pillow fight professionally. Well maybe not. Regardless, someone with such vision organized a sport and a Pillow Fight League. Supposedly fighting with pillows allows people to have greater creativity. Unfortunately only women can be in the league. If you happen to be at your neighborhood erotic festival and you have some time, check out the pillow fights.

Dog surfing is also a thing now

There was once a YouTube video of a dog surfing that was extremely popular. It may not have been seen while you’re internet gambling in the US, but it was still popular. Other dog owners decided that their dogs were just as talented and as a result dog surfing became an official sport. The dogs stand on the end of the surfboard while the owners ride them. Yes there are competitions in California since the sport originated in San Diego.

The Unicycle Bastards continues the list of the world’s weirdest sports

There once was an unruly group of people who loved to ride their unicycles. So we begin the tale of the ones known as the “Unicycle Bastards” and their conquest in making “unicycle polo” a sport. As in traditional polo, players have to ride on unicycles while carrying clubs and have to hit a ball across their opponents’ goal line. The fun part is that they need to yell out obscenities towards each other and drink one alcoholic beverage before every match.

The thought of pumpkin racing may remind you of the cheese racing competitions that take place in Gloucestershire. Add pumpkins on the water and race them instead and you’ll understand the next crazy sport. The West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta takes place in Oregon every year. Pumpkins ranging from 600 to 800 pounds in size are hollowed out. Participants use the pumpkins for floatation devices and race them round a lake. The most challenging part is sailing around the lake before your pumpkin sinks.

The World’s Weirdest Sports Inspired by Movies

Possibly the first sport adapted from a story, Quidditch comes from the flying game made popular in the Harry Potter books and films. Although the sport started as an intra-collegiate competition at Middlebury College, 400 other colleges play the sport. It may never be on an online gambling sites in the UK, but it still made news. While holding broomsticks between their legs, players try to hurl balls through round hoops which are at the opposite ends of the pitch. mobile betting online sportsbooks in the UK online sportsbooks in the US rock paper scissors UK gambling news weird sports weird sports bets
Players in muggle Quidditch don’t fly quite as high as in the movie… Image source: John Loo / Flickr

The appropriate question isn’t “is cycleball made up”, but what is it made up from? Cycleball combines cycling, football, hockey and basketball. Players, in teams of two, ride bicycles on a small court while attempting to “strike” a ball with their bicycles’ wheels. If a player touches their feet to the ground, the opposing team gets a penalty kick. In normal cycleball play, one player is a forward while the other player defense. It may not be the world’s weirdest sport, but it does travel beyond the unusual.

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