There’s Still Time To Grab A Quick Bet On Biden’s VP Pick

Posted: August 7, 2020

Updated: August 7, 2020

  • Spurious Criticisms, Sexist Judgements & The US Glass Ceiling
  • Find The Best Odds For That Bet On Biden’s VP Pick At Bovada
  • Competition For Future Presidential Slot Moves Into Final Phase  
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Everything is different this year. Even the unstoppable juggernaut that is the US political cycle has wobbled. The situation has thrown off the schedule. However, the announcement delayed, you can still bet on Biden’s VP pick. The front-runner at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada, is currently Kamala Harris, with Susan Rice close behind. Both are naturally now under intense scrutiny, but some of the criticisms being leveled at them seem just a trifle contrived.

Criticizing someone standing as a candidate to be Vice President (and thus President later on) for their ambition is bizarre. It’s like complaining people are driving too fast at the Indy 500. However, this is just one of the negative tropes that Kamala Harris has faced. All too frequently not by her Republican enemies, but by Democrats who should know better. There’s a discomfort for some with being able to bet on Biden’s VP pick being a woman, let alone black.

Some scathe Kamala Harris for her attacks on Biden early on the campaign and for her lack of contrition. This too is a little bizarre. Attacking politicians for playing politics is bordering on the insane. Some Democrats, however, believe she can “rub some people the wrong way”. This may be true but it’s not a charge that would be leveled at a male counterpart. Those hitting up online betting sites in the US like Bovada to bet on Biden’s VP pick, should take note. This may not be a fair contest.  

Bet On Biden’s VP Pick At Bovada

Any woman who have been in office or run before has heard similar comments along the way.” Pointed out former Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius. Which would explain why some Democrats found it necessary to comment on Susan Rice’s smile and how charming she is. Black women in particular seem to be under fire. You can bet on Biden’s VP pick being a black woman. Sadly, that doesn’t mean the old white men in US politics are at all happy about it. They’re not.

Bet On Democratic VP Nominee

  • Michelle Obama – 25/1
  • Elizabeth Warren – 14/1
  • Karen Bass – 12/1
  • Val Demings – 12/1
  • Tammy Duckworth – 10/1
  • Susan Rice – 9/4
  • Kamala Harris – 8/11

A new generation has arrived.” Said Amanda Renteria, Hillary Clinton’s political director, “I think there’s quite a few past political folks who are trying to find their place in this new political landscape.” Something you can bet on Biden’s VP pick attempting to assist with. Some people need to be put back in their place. Anyone in the US gambling laws of politics haven’t really changed, wasn’t paying attention. LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Lives Matter has.

Bet On Biden’s VP Pick
Kamala Harris – Image source: Flickr

Find Odds On Kamala Harris Or Susan Race Online Today

Being a black woman with ambition is not a problem when it’s in the service of others.” Brown explained, “Black women have always been on the vanguard of fighting for our democracy and we will continue to do so. But we will also hold accountable anyone who seeks to marginalize our contributions, our intellect or our electability.” It is this sort of messaging that has placed Kamala Harris as the favorite amongst those putting a bet on Biden’s VP pick at Bovada. At least right now.

US Presidential Election Odds

  • Trump – 7/5
  • Biden – 4/7

America knows it’s time for a change and whilst some will cling on to the past in a futile attempt to save their own skin, the nation is moving on. Kamala Harris is 8/11 at the bookies like Bovada, with Susan Rice on 9/4. This leaves most of the rest of the field stuck out at beyond 10/1. This means the likes of Elizabeth Warren now languish at 14/1. Still, as a bet on sports in the US is still fraught perhaps a bet on Biden’s VP pick will be more rewarding. Certainly more important. At least in theory.

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We take a look at who’ll make a good bet on Biden’s VP as the fierce battle for the ticket slot reaches fever pitch.

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