How To Build A Casino On The Moon? You Musk Be Joking

Posted: August 7, 2020

Updated: August 7, 2020

Space X returning men safely to Earth from the International Space Station marked a turning point in space travel. Commercial space flight is a reality. As with numerous travel revolutions before it this will begin a flurry of development. A race into space for profit. So at some point someone is going to wish to escape from US gambling laws, eschew comfort and ease of Bovada, and gamble in space. So here’s how to build a casino on the moon, because if you don’t someone else will.

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1. Getting The Right Atmosphere

Discovering how to build a casino on the moon must begin with this essential. The moon isn’t big on oxygen or ambiance so you’re going to have to deliver both. Setting up some sort of oxygen generation unit is probably best, they’re bound to invent one soon. Should they not manage that, however, you can resort (pardon the pun) to large arboretums. They should generate enough for your guests and staff. These will also provide a little light relief to what is an otherwise barren landscape.

2. Ensuring You Have Gravity And Gravitas

In an orbital platform, gravity can be provided by the rotation. On the moon that isn’t possible so without additional measures, your guests would live in  1/6th of Earth’s gravity. Fortunately for those seeking how to build a casino on the moon, there are several options. Velcro shoes or magnetic boots might work. Certainly, it won’t be as comfortable as a bet on sports in the US on Bovada is, but it’ll be an experience. If you can keep your lunch down. Some guests may find this an issue.

3. Luxury Lunar Living Locations

Naturally, you’re not going to be getting a lot of passing trade on the moon. Your patrons will need somewhere to stay. Whether you go for domes or blocks, some natty capsule affair or just a collection of containers, make them luxurious. Look to superyacht builders for help on how to build a casino on the moon worth the travel costs. Early space tourists got no comforts what so ever, the next generation will expect them. Make sure to have a robot concierge if you can. 

4. Landing Your Launch Party

Okay, this is important. This will set the tone. Get it wrong and it’s game over. No one wants to visit a disappointment. Ensure the entertainment is top-notch, the food gourmet, and the guest list strictly triple-A-listers. It has the potential to be the party of the century, so don’t blow it. No one will care how to build a casino on the moon if the first one is a public flop. It won’t be viable. They might see the sense in staying home instead and using online betting sites in the US like Bovada. 

How To Build A Casino On The Moon
Even if it sounds nonsense, it can be realized in the not too distant future

5. Omnipresent Hover-Hostesses

This is a no brainer. It’s not strictly part of how to build a casino on the moon but is definitely part of running one. Have your hostesses float around the playing floor and resort as a whole. In the low gravity environment, it won’t require large thruster packs. Electric fans in a box will probably do the trick. Indeed the more physically capable staff could simply use wings attached to their arms. Although this would require a good deal of training ahead of time to get right.

6. Suitably Costumed Croupiers

How to build a casino on the moon is simple compared to getting the décor right. Do you go full Kubrick with it like 2001? Try a bit of Space 1999? Should it look like the casinos back home or be all high-tech holograms and lasers? Just what experience will people want from a casino in space? Certainly whatever motif you pick the croupiers will need to dress the part. Something online sportsbook sites in the US need not worry about. But then in space, no one can hear your theme.

7. Low-G Roulette And Other Games

Obviously some games will need adaptation. Roulette will require some sort of glass cover to prevent the ball from flying off and blinding someone. Probably a heavier ball than usual to prevent each spin from taking too long to settle. Likewise, cards would be best made of metal than actual paper products. Slot machines, particularly the video variety, will not be affected by the environment. However, particularly ardent players may want safety tethers on their chairs to hold them in place.

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We look at the seven necessary steps if you want to know how to build a casino on the moon.

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