Introduction To Hot Dice Game Rules


Posted: August 6, 2020

Updated: August 6, 2020

  • Everything you need to know about Hot Dice is explained
  • Check the best Hot Dice games at 1xBET Casino

Hot Dice is one of the most exciting online dice games. It is quite easy to play, while it is also different from such popular games as craps or Sic Bo. Check Hot Dice game rules & strategies to see why it stands out from the others.

If you like playing dice games, but are tired of the most popular casino picks, try Hot Dice. It is a simple but exciting game of chance where everyone can win. We will tell you how to play the game, where to find it, and what are the best ways to win.

What is Hot Dice?

Before learning Hot Dice game rules, let’s check what this game is about. This is the game of chance played with two dice. The aim of the online game is simple: you have to guess the total number of two dice or to guess the outcome of the next round. At the same time, playing Hot Dice in real-life may be different. The object will be scoring points by rolling combinations of dice, until one player scores over the established maximum, which can vary from 100 to 10000. 

Hot Dice game rules & strategies

As we have already clarified, the main idea of online Hot Dice is to guess whether the sum total shown on the dice in the next round will be higher or lower than the sum total from the current round. Most online casinos in Canada offer the following pattern of the game table: a square screen with two dice, nice background music, and pretty-looking dealers.

Hot Dice game rules
Once you try the hot dice game you will love it

To start the game, you have to place a bet on a particular number. The possible outcomes of the dice roll are the following:

Total sum Possible outcomes
2-6 Over, under/equal to
7 Over/equal to, under/equal to
8-12 Under, over/equal to

According to Hot Dice game rules, winnings will be available after guessing a minimum of two milestones in a row. Milestones are two correct guessings in a row; the odds on the outcomes depend on them too. For instance, the first milestone doubles your stake, the second brings х4 profit, third — х7, fourth — х13, and fifth — х30. If you are mistaken at least in one round, your winnings are reset to zero.

Where to play Hot Dice: best sites

You now know the main Hot Dice game rules, so let’s check where to play this game. The best casino site to play Hot Dice is 1xBET Casino. The game is available to play for just $0.15 and on high stakes. To play it, all you have to do is signing up for 1xBET Casino, and choosing the Hot Dice game among 1xGames.

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Check other online gambling sites in Canada to find more exotic gambling games.

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