These Are 3 Weird Sports You Can Bet on in the US Online!

Bet on volleyball online

Let’s take a look at a few weird sports you can bet on in the US right now with one of the best internet sportsbooks in the world, Intertops.

Despite a somewhat confusing situation regarding the legality of online sports betting in the US, more and more people in this country are flocking to sites to place bets. Luckily, today there are numerous online sportsbooks in the US offering betting lines on a wide range of different sports.

In this article we’ll take a look at some weird sports you can bet on in the US over the internet. There are certainly a lot to choose from, but here we’ll look at just 3.

Bet on volleyball online in the US

Volleyball is played by many people throughout the US, though there’s not much of a fan base to watch the sport competitively. This could change in the future however, as there are now volleyball betting odds available at one of the best US sports betting sites, Intertops.

European League volleyball betting odds

  • Brazil (1.25) vs. USA (3.50
  • France (1.10) vs. Canada (6.00)

Unfortunately, these odds are not always available, as there must be some event or league season. As of July 2017 however, Intertops members can place bets on two separate volleyball events. The first you can wager on is a women’s European League match between Ukraine and Finland. Both of these teams at the top of the rankings, but its Ukraine who’s coming in as the considerable favorite with odds of 1.20. Finland is the slight underdogs at 4.00.

Volleyball fans in the US can also place wagers on the World League. We’re in the final stage of this tournament, and some fantastic odds are available for players. The number 2 ranked team Brazil will be taking on USA, ranked 6th this week. Unsurprisingly, Brazil is entering as the favorite with odds of 1.20, while USA comes in as the 4.00 underdog.

Bet on cricket online in the US

Another one of the weird sports you can bet on in the US online this year is cricket. This sport has a huge fan base in countries like England and India, but it’s yet to garner much interest inside the United States. Still, those that like to bet on sports in the US have some great options when it comes to cricket betting.

Cricket betting

The 2017/18 Ashes series is perhaps the best cricket event you can be on right now (photo:

Cricket fans can bet on the Ashes series winner. This will run from November to January between longtime rivals England and Australia. This will be taking place in Australia, and it’s the home-country team that’s entering as the favorite with odds of 1.60. England might be the best underdog of anyone on this list, with current odds of 3.25.

Bet on rugby online in the US

Of all the weird sports you can bet on in the US, rugby might be the most popular. Particularly in recent years this interesting sport has gained more and more fans across the country, with many competitive leagues at both the amateur and professional level.

While there are often times major tournaments taking place, perhaps the best option to make money betting on rugby is on international friendlies. One such event you can place bets on now is between the All Blacks and British & Irish Lions. It’s been a competitive series thus far, but New Zealand is entering as the massive rugby favorite with odds of 1.18, while the Lions come in with odds of just 4.60.

Want to find more weird sports you can bet on in the US? If so, make sure to head to GamingZion’s US gambling news page. Check out Intertops to find all the best odds on a huge number of different sports.

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