They Thought They Won the Powerball Jackpot…


Posted: January 14, 2016

Updated: June 5, 2017

…But they didn’t. These restaurant workers thought for 20 minutes that they never gonna work another day in their lives.

These guys were celebrating like their favorite team had just won the Super Bowl… or they all got roles in the next Star Wars movie… or they had just won the Powerball jackpot, which they actually thought they did.

This is how they felt when they thought that they had won the Powerball Jackpot

They went crazy and they had every right to do so. The Powerball jackpot was $949 million at the time according to US gambling news. Wow, man, if I thought that I won the Powerball jackpot…

I would have felt like this

But after a while it turned out that it was no more than some:

Right guys, right numbers, wrong time

Their numbers were actually correct, all they messed up was the date. Poor guys, sorry for them. It could have been extremely tough to learn after 20 minutes that tomorrow will be just another regular day, not the first in the life of a new millionaire lottery winner.

It actually turned out that no one had won the Powerball jackpot that day. But the next draw eventually produced at least three winners in three US states, California, Florida and Tennessee. So, some other guys felt exactly the way like the ones in the video, and they actually had become multi-millionaires…

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