$1.5Bn Powerball Winning Tickets Sold In Three US States


Posted: January 14, 2016

Updated: June 5, 2017

The unbelievable jackpot will go in three ways at least as Powerball winning tickets were sold in California, Florida and Tennessee.

Powerball winning tickets for the $1.5 billion lottery jackpot were sold in three federal states according to US gambling news. After the lucky numbers 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the Powerball 10 were drawn, California Lottery revealed that one of the Powerball winning tickets was sold in Chino Hills, next to San Bernardino.

Outside the 7-Eleven store, where one of the Powerball winning tickets was sold, a crowd started to grow after the announcement was made. Selling one of the Powerball winning tickets earned a $1 million lottery bonus for the store. Russ Lopez, deputy director of communications for California Lottery, later also said that Powerball winning tickets were sold in Florida and Tennessee too.

Powerball winning tickets hit a world record lottery jackpot

Saturday’s Powerball jackpot was $900 million. However, since no jackpot winner was drawn, the lottery frenzy continued, making the jackpot a world record $1.586 billion for Wednesday. This would mean a $930 million single payout for one winner, or a full payout in installments over 29 years.

Statisticians revealed that the best lottery strategy to win the highest possible amount was when the jackpot was around $900 million, so last week. The highest the amount rises, the more lottery tickets are sold, so the chance for multiple Powerball winning tickets are drawn is getting higher and higher. And this lotto strategy specualtion was justified by the result with three Powerball winning tickets eventually.

Powerball can also be played from other parts of the world, not just the United States. EU lottery players can buy a lotto ticket online for Powerball via EuroLotto, a destination providing online lotto in the EU. Read the EuroLotto review in our online lotto guide to find out more on this internet lotto site.

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