Ultimate List of Top 50 Weird Names in the NFL (PART I)


Posted: January 14, 2016

Updated: June 5, 2017

To remember those, who were cursed or blessed by their parents, here is the ultimate list of weird names in the NFL with past and present professional football players!

  • NFL players cursed or blessed by their parents
  • When your fans can’t pronounce your name
  • Weird names in the NFL are always fun

It’s not nice to laugh at someone’s name at all. However, from time to time, some players appear with a crazy name, and you can’t think of anything but “What were the poor guy’s parents thinking?” For example, it’s tough to play a career of an NFL linebacker with the name of a porn actress, but in the end it will make you stronger. Let’s see those players, who had their biggest tests when they had to introduce themselves! Check out the first part of the ultimate list of weird names in the NFL!

50. Barkevious Mingo

All right, his unique name is rather cool than funny. At least he can pick up girls with that, because he might not by saying that he plays for the Cleveland Browns… At least no those girls, who bet on sports in the US. His unusual name was invented by his mother, Barbara, who combined her own name with the existing name, Kevious.

49. C.J. Ah You

The former St. Louis Rams defensive end of Samoan descent had already a tough family name, so obviously his parents opted not to make it harder for him. He was an outstanding defensive end in his college career, so opposing running backs would stand up after tackles annoyed, saying “Ah, you again!”

48. Lawyer Milloy

He is a Super Bowl champion and a four-time Pro Bowler, a legendary strong safety for the New England Patriots. Still, his first name is… Just not a name! 

Lawyer Milloy

Lawyer Milloy probably doesn’t care about the name. He’s a winner (Photo: Boston Sports Then & Now )

47. Chris Fuamatu-Maʻafala

Hawaii names often sound funny for English speakers. And usually they are also extremely hard to write and pronounce properly. Steelers fans had experienced this, so they only called their fullback “Fuuuu”.

46. Larry Csonka

A Super Bowl MVP surname that no one can pronounce properly. But that’s the case usually with Hungarian names. Would you think that the ‘Cs’ is originally pronounced like the English ‘ch’ in Chad? 

 Larry Csonka

Larry Csonka, 3x mvp and hall of fame (Photo: Larry Csonka.com )

45. Guy Whimper

Okay, this is not fair. Especially if you are a 6”5’ offensive tackle weight 315 pounds and a Super Bowl champion. But he had to protect Eli Manning in 2008 and still, Manning had to escape from opposing pass rushers quite a few times, so there would have been a few things to whimper about had the Pats won that final.

44. Chad Ochocinco

It’s just an extravagant way to spell ’Chad Johnson’. The former six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver changed his name officially to his jersey number in Spanish (eight-five) while with the Cincinnati Bengals, just to please his Latino fans. Than he somehow realized that it is not that cool anymore, so according to latest US gambling news, he is officially Johnson again at the moment. 

Chad Ochocinco

But Chad Ochocinco is too cool to care his name sound funny (Photo: SB Nation) )

43. Cory Lekkerkerker

The 6”7’ offensive tackle tried himself at a few clubs, but he didn’t really make an impact in the NFL. Neither did his brother, Brad. Maybe it was because O-line coaches had enough of trying to write their names on the team sheet…

42. Legedu Naanee

He is not from any fictional fantasy universe, as far as I know, but from Portland, Oregon. Oh, yes, Portland is so cool that it has to be on another planet! Poor Legedu’s career was actually messed up at Boise State where he had to switch from quarterback to wide receiver – maybe his stuffy coach thought that you can’t play quarterback with a name like this… He spent six seasons around the NFL and internet betting players might remember him as a versatile offensive weapon for the San Diego Chargers, but failed to become an important player in the end.

41. Ropati Pitoitua

Samoan names also sound funny for English speakers. However, I bet that you wouldn’t laugh at this 6’8” defensive tackle, who played for such intimidating defenses as the New York Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs. He was with the Tennessee Titans in 2015, the worst team in the league, so expect him come back angrier for 2016!

In the next parts you will meet with legendary players from the past as well as current pros. And it will be a lot of fun too, as weird names in the NFL are always fun…

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