New Hampshire Polls Favor Sanders Showing Clinton’s Weakness

New Hampshire Polls for Sanders and Clinton 2016

The Iowa and New Hampshire polls have always been the big primaries on the way to the White House, setting the tone for the campaign ahead, and with only so long under Super Tuesday, the candidates on both sides are getting down to the nitty gritty of politics, and attacking each other in any way they can to get ahead, and you should be betting on who wins.

Democratic Primaries
• Iowa & New Hampshire
• Hillary a nose ahead in Iowa
• Sanders leads up North

Hillary Clinton is, as you might imagine, leading the polls at present and the odds reflect that with her lead in Iowa translating into Betway handing her odds of 4/9 whilst her chief, and many would say only, rival Bernie Sanders, gets 13/8 and no one else gets odds in less than triple digits. The betting is pretty evenly divided between them, and if you like to bet on sports in the US but haven’t dabbled in the somewhat novelty betting world of Political wagers, now’s the time.

Hillary has seen her lead in Iowa slump and her response has been vocal attacks on Bernie Sanders saying bluntly “If that’s the kind of revolution he’s talking about, I’m worried, folks” referencing the left-wing academic’s call for a political revolution that seems to have played well with voters under 45 who favor him 2-1 over Clinton. Can she worry enough democrats to snatch a win with her talk of Sanders as the left-wing monster as if he were a Star Wars baddy, which he clearly isn’t? We’ll have to see. But it’s the New Hampshire polls that are more worrying for Hillary.

New Hampshire Polls Lead Prompts Attack On Sanders

Sanders is actually leading in the New Hampshire polls with odds of just 4/7 on him taking the New Hampshire primary, as against Hillary Clinton on 6/5 and Martin O’Malley just about managing to be seen as a 66/1 no-hoper rather than not being worth mentioning. This is a far closer race than had been expected, and if you’ve not taken advantage of US gambling laws techno laxity to put a wager on this at Betway, you’re missing the greatest soap opera novelty bet of your life. Hillary might be able to win against Republicans but this challenge from inside the Democrats is proving less simple to handle.

You might be tempted to wait for the dust to settle a bit and bet on the race for the White House itself, but by then the Republican choice will make Hillary almost a shoo-in and you’ll get very scant odds on a win, however this battle twixt her and Sanders is the perfect opportunity to increase your bank roll off the backs of people that, if elected, will almost certainly make money off your back in due course. Hillary is 4/5 to be the first female president of The United States but then Trump is 3/1 so what do they really know?

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