Three Great Political Bets you can Make Right Now with Paddy Power

Emmanuel Macron betting odds

Here we take a look at some great political bets that members of Paddy Power can make right now, each offering some incredible odds to make money.

There are some major political events scheduled to take place in Europe over the next several months. From major elections to independence referendums, there will be some serious changes taking place. Now, members of Paddy Power can place bets on all the action. Here we take a look at some of the biggest political events you can bet on right now.

Bet on the next Irish president after Michael D. Higgins

Irish Presidential betting odds

  • Mairead McGuinness: 5/1
  • Fergus Finlay: 13/2
  • Miriam O’Callaghan: 8/1
  • Emily O’Reilly: 9/1
  • Sean Gallagher: 10/1

Michael D. Higgins was named the ninth President of Ireland on November 11th, 2011. As Irish political laws go, he’ll remain the country’s president until 2018. Now, you can bet on who takes his place once his presidency is over.

The most likely candidate after Higgins is Fine Gael and European Parliament member Mairead McGuinness. A politician since 2004, McGuinness has generated big support over the years thanks to her progressive views and charity work. At the moment, her odds to become the next Irish President are set at 5/1.

Irish Labour Party leader Fergus Finaly is the second highest betting favorite with odds of 13/2. Finlay has worked in the government since the early 1980’s and has been widely praised for his knowledge of Irish political history. There’s still some time left before the election will take place, but wagering on Finlay is one of the great political bets you can make right now.

Bet on the next French president

The 2017 French presidential election will officially begin on April 23rd, and members of Paddy Power can now bet on who wins. Significant coverage has been given to the French election this year, as fears over Russian involvement and certain political scandals have been popping up in the news left and right.

Marine Le Pen France

Marine Le Pen’s betting odds have lowered over the past several weeks (photo:

With less than a month remaining until voting begins, the clear betting favorite is En Marche! creator Emmanuel Macron. The 39 year old former investment banker has taken vastly different views to his political rivals and appears, at least on paper, to be the most moderate candidate in the election. Macron is seen by most political betting experts to be the best choice with current odds of 1/2.

Marine Le Pen is perhaps the most polarizing figure in French politics of the 21st century. She’s made UK gambling news with her hand-lined stance on immigration and job protection, causing some concern over what France’s relationship with the EU will be like under her presidency. There’s no doubt she’s a serious underdog, but as we saw with the Trump election, anything can happen in politics. Le Pen’s odds to win are set at 10/3.

Bet on a United Ireland referendum

In the wake of Brexit, many in the UK (particularly in Scotland and Northern Ireland) called for independence referendums. We already covered the betting lines for when a new Scottish referendum may take place, and now members can place a wager on if North Ireland will call for one as well.

Northern Ireland was created in 1921, as most in the region wanted to remain a part of the UK. That sentiment has certainly changed over the years, particularly after Brexit. It’s no easy task to introduce independence referendums, and there’s no telling if it would even be passed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bet on it.

Paddy Power lists the odds for a North Irish referendum being introduced before 2020 at 9/2. Depending on the negotiations between the EU and the UK, Brexit may prove to be beneficial, which is likely a reason why no referendum being introduced is the betting favorite with odds of 1/8.

All three of these great political bets you can make offer serious odds to make money. Make sure to head to Paddy Power to learn more about their political betting options, and check out GamingZion’s list of online sportsbooks in the UK to find a full list of UK sites offering political bets!

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