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Tommy Robinson Gambling Story

In this article, we are going to explain and summarize the Tommy Robinson gambling story. Because lately, the internet has been full of the UK far-right activist and his court revelations. Before we get into the story, it is important to highlight that we are politically independent. Therefore, this is only a summary of a man who kept gambling while he received donations for his independent support campaign.

Therefore, he misused the money of his supporters to party and gamble. We are going to elaborate on how Tommy Robinson went from the vice-chairman of the British Freedom Party to bankruptcy and mental breakdowns. If you are none for politics. Then just register at any of the online casino sites in the UK and enjoy top-quality gambling games. Who knows? Maybe you will meet Tommy there.

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Tommy Robinson Gambling Story

There are many other things about the politicians of the United Kingdom right now. For example, we have written about the sports tributes to Queen Elizabeth II. But this time, we are going to talk about the most recent case of Tommy Robinson who turned from a far-rightist politician to a bankrupt person. According to Twitter users, his name is nowhere near any sort of former glory he might have had.

In this story, we are going to run you through how Tommy Robinson went from a far-right activist and politician to a complete mess and a cheater. Because it is one thing to do whatever he wants in his private life. And it is another to use the money of his followers and supporters to gamble and attend wild parties. UK politics have the Tommy Robinson gambling story and the Beergate so far.

Who Is Tommy Robinson?

Before we would scream that he had committed one of the biggest cheating scandals in the gambling world. First let us tell who he is, aside from a few mistakes he might have made. Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon or better known as Tommy Robinson was born in 1982. The 39 years old far-right political activist has been present in the political atmosphere of the UK since 2004. However, he was always a part of groups that aren’t famous for their love for foreigners.


Long before the Tommy Robinson gambling story started. He has always picked the political party which had the most amount of fascism and problematic behavior. The anti-Islamist politician has been canceled several times during his career by anti-fascist groups.

How The Tommy Robinson Gambling Story Started

If you prefer to skip the whole story. Then we recommend you just register at Casilando Casino to receive 100% up to £300 + 90 Bonus Spins. The Tommy Robinson gambling story starts with his motion of going independent. Therefore, he abandons his former political groups to make his own. This is where he had to create a support program so he can run as an independent in the May 2019 European Parliament election. There are many conclusions one can draw from this decision.

However, what is important to the story is the fact that he has received gigantic amounts of money from his supporters. Therefore, he has received £1,000 every month from supporters 2 years after the decision. However, later in the Tommy Robinson gambling story, things take a weird turn. Because he has spent £100,000 on gambling while also filing for bankruptcy.

Losing The Jamal Hijazi Case

Following his campaign for the election, he did not stop his activities as an alt-right personality. This is why he received the anti-Islam title. According to the BBC, he has recorded attacking and invading a Syrian schoolboy for an allegation he has no evidence or proof to. Therefore, his actions have not only damaged him as a man but also as a person. For this, Tommy Robinson was brought over to the court.


The Syrian boy, Jamal Hijazi has won the case against Robinson. This is when Robinson had to file for bankruptcy. The boy was a target of abuse, and Tommy Robinson had to pay around £500,000 for him to cover the damage he had made. He couldn’t do that and this is where the story becomes even worse for him. 

Tommy Robinson Gambling Story On Court

According to Gambling News, this isn’t his first nor the last day in court. He explained the truth behind the whole story of his financial status. Therefore, in the court, he has admitted to spending £100,000 on online and land-based casinos while receiving donations from his supporters. Furthermore, he has spent his money on drinks, alcohol, cocaine, and prostitutes. 

All in all, he attended parties he shouldn’t have, with the money he didn’t have. Especially as a person who decides to stream harassing schoolboys with no evidence. His act of vigilantism is not even accounted to the story yet.

Suffering Mental Breakdown

Allegedly, Tommy Robinson is suffering from a mental breakdown from the bankruptcy and his financial helplessness. Furthermore, the case has involved several mentions of him not paying people the cashback he owes. Therefore, one doesn’t need to be political to understand that Tommy Robinson wasn’t the most ethical person in the last two years.

That was the end of the Tommy Robinson gambling story. If you want to read a more cheerful story. Then we recommend you to read through the Louie Anderson gambling story. And now that you know everything about gambling stories. You should register at Casilando Casino to have some fun. However, please always stay gambling aware.

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