Top 10 Badass NBA Coaches in 2017: Steve Kerr

head coach of the Warriors

You can’t make a list of badass NBA coaches in 2017 without mentioning Steve Kerr, the man behind the Golden State Warriors’ tremendous success.

For many years, it seemed the Golden State Warriors would never relive the success they found in the mid 1970’s. It wasn’t until the late 2010’s that the team truly began to shine again, due largely to the phenomenal talent that players Steph Curry and Klay Thompson possess, and their incredible coaching staff. Today, they are considered to be the best NBA team in the league, and are at the top of Intertops’ odds to win this season’s championship.

2017 NBA Championship Betting Odds

  • Golden State Warriors: 1.60
  • Cleveland Cavaliers: 4.50
  • San Antonio Spurs: 9.00
  • Boston Celtics: 23.00
  • Houston Rockets: 23.00

In 2014, Steve Kerr was named head coach of the warriors. That same year the team made US gambling news by winning their first NBA Championship since 1975. Kerr continued to lead his team to success the following year, and nearly captured a second-straight NBA title before an astonishing comeback from the Cavaliers.

Now, Steve Kerr is seen as one of the most badass NBA coaches in 2017. Let’s take a look at some of reasons why he is seen as one of the best coaches living today.

Kerr studied for 2 years how to be a good coach

One of the most incredible things about Steve Kerr’s massive success with the Warriors is the fact that this is his first time acting as head coach of an NBA team. Despite his relatively limited experience, he came into his new role prepared.

Steve Kerr with TNT

Before coaching the Warriors, Steve Kerr was an analyst for TNT (photo:

Steve Kerr studied different coaching tactics for more than 2 years ahead of his tenure as Warriors coach. While Steve was an analyst for TNT, he kept a file on his laptop which included play notes, basketball philosophies, and team policies.

As if entering into a head coach role for the first time with no experience and winning an NBA Championship wasn’t impressive enough, the fact that Kerr spent so much time preparing for his future job makes him one of the most badass NBA coaches in 2017, and quite possibly of all time.

He developed a strong offensive game

One of the bright aspects of Mark Jackson’s tenure as Warriors coach was the amazing defensive game that he added into the team’s arsenal. Steve Kerr kept this mindset alive, but was also instrumental in his team utilizing a more aggressive, offense-oriented style akin to Japanese poker players.

It certainly didn’t hurt to have arguably the best offensive players in the NBA to help make this new gaming style a reality. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, known as the “splash brothers” are considered by some to be the best shooters in the game, and the addition of Kevin Durant this season made the argument even stronger that the Warriors are the best offensive team in the NBA. Unsurprisingly, they are also the betting favorites to win the 2017 NBA Championship according to most online sportsbooks in the US. Their odds to win are currently set at 1.60, according to Intertops.

Part of how Steve Kerr was able to add so much to the Warriors’ offense was his incredible ability to communicate with his players. He lets it be known what he expects from his players, and in turn his players know what to expect from him. Kerr’s ability to add to the team’s game time and time again makes him without a doubt one of the most badass NBA coaches in 2017.

He’s as humble as they come

It would seem likely that a coach with as impressive a resume as Kerr would have somewhat of an inflated ego, and would enjoy taking credit for what he’s done for the Warriors as a team. On the contrary, Kerr is as humble as they come, and is often unwilling to take credit, even when he deserves it.

Steve Kerr with the media

You’ll be hard pressed to find Steve Kerr taking credit for his team’s success (photo:

Steve Kerr not taking the credit for the Warriors’ success is just another reason why he’s one of the most badass NBA coaches in 2017. His humbleness not only shines light on his player’s ability, but it also created a culture of unity, where no members of the team are placed on a higher pedestal than the other.

Current Warriors Coaching Staff

  • Steve Kerr: Head Coach
  • Ron Adams: Assistant Coach
  • Jarron Collins: Assistant Coach
  • Chris DeMarco: Player Development
  • Willie Green: Player Development

The 2016/17 NBA season has been one of the most exciting already, and a number of coaches could earn the title of being a badass coach. Nonetheless, Steve Kerr takes the top spot for his unique approach to coaching, his ability to add new styles to the team, and his amazingly humble demeanor.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our series on the most badass 2017 NBA coaches, and make sure to check out Intertops to find a full list of the best 2017 NBA betting lines!

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