Top 3 Oldest Players in the NFL Right Now

Posted: November 14, 2016

Updated: November 14, 2016

The three oldest players in the NFL are still going strong today, and right now you can bet on their next games with Intertops!

American football is widely regarded as one of the most physically grueling sports in the world. The best and biggest athletes in the country cover themselves in gear and smash into each other with the speed of a track star. In such a tough sport, how are some athletes still playing in their 40’s?

That’s exactly what these three players have accomplished. Their ability to still play at a high level above the age of 40 defies logic, and just shows what hard work and dedication can do. Without further ado, here are the top 3 oldest players in the NFL.

Adam Vinatieri

At nearly 44 years old, Adam Vinatieri is the oldest player currently competing in the NFL. He began his NFL football career with the New England Patriots in 1996, and helped his team reach four Super Bowls, and win three. In one of his most memorable moments with New England, he tackled Herschel Walker who was returning a punt. This led then-coach Bill Parcells to tell him, “you’re not a kicker – you’re a football player.”

Oldest NFL player

At almost 44 years old, Adam Vinatieri is the oldest player in the NFL (photo:

In 2006, Vinatieri was drafted to the Indianapolis Colts, where he remains today. That first year he helped his team reach yet another Super Bowl, which they won 29-17 over the Chicago Bears. He continued to find success with the Colts over the past decade, and this past March made US gambling news by signing a two-year, $6 million contract extension.

Adam Vinatieri has accomplished about as much as you can in the sport, yet continues to strive for more. At almost 44 years old, he seems to be reaching the end of his road, but who knows… He may play until he’s 50. If you want to bet on the Colts this season, check out Intertops.

Phil Dawson

You can’t make a list of the oldest players in the NFL without immediately thinking of Phil Dawson. He is now almost 42 years old, and currently holds the record for the most field goals in NFL history. Dawson is a true legend of the game, and may be able to continue his success for years to come.

After a successful run at the University of Texas at Austin, Phil Dawson was signed as a free agent to the Oakland Raiders, who promptly waived him for undisclosed reasons. Finally in March of 1999, he was signed to the Cleveland Browns, with whom he stayed for more than a decade until signing with the 49ers in 2013.

Dawson finished that season with the second most points and field goals in the team’s history. He has continued to impress over the past 3 years, and just recently signed a one-year contract extension. The 49ers have been struggling this season, and although most online sportsbooks in the US list them as the biggest underdog to win the Super Bowl this season, many are hoping they can find more success next year.

Matt Bryant

The last of the three oldest players in the NFL is 41-year old Matt Bryant. The Orange, Texas native has had a long and storied career, with runs in 6 different NFL teams.

Matt Bryant Buccaneers

Matt Bryant has been with the Buccaneers since 2002 (photo:

Bryant initially began his career with the Iowa Barnstormers in the Arena Football League in 1999. In 2002, he caught his big break and was signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He had a successful run with Tampa Bay, even scoring the longest field goal in NFL history in 2006 (at that time).

Bryant was then signed by the Atlanta Falcons in 2009, where he has remained ever since. There has been no word on how long he intends to keep playing in the NFL, but Bryant has earned his place in history as one of the oldest players in the NFL to keep playing at a high level, and should enjoy retirement in the Bahamas gambling.

How long do you think the oldest players in the NFL can keep going? Do you have a favorite? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out Intertops for a full list of NFL betting odds for the 2016-17 season!

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