Top-5 Eurovision Favorites to Bet On in 2021

  • Eurovision will be held on May 18, 20 and 22, 2021
  • Thirty-nine countries are participating in this year’s contest
  • Which song has the best winning chances by betting predictions?
top-5 Eurovision favorites to bet on
Image source – Vugarİbadov, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most awaited events of the year. Since all countries have presented their entries, predictions about the possible winners started to emerge. We already know who has the best chances to win in 2021, so here are the top-5 Eurovision favorites to bet on.

The 2021 Eurovision is about to start soon. As of now, all 39 participating countries have presented their songs that will be performed at the 65th song contest. Together with online sportsbooks in the Netherlands, we have evaluated all the entries and figured out the main stars of this year’s event. So, who are the top-5 Eurovision favorites to bet on?

Italy has entered the list replacing Lithuania

Italy has always been among the biggest Eurovision stars, though it hasn’t won for quite a long time. Despite the country’s superb entries like Il Volo, Mahmood, and Francesco Gabbani, the luck wasn’t on Italy’s side. Things may change in 2021.

This year, Måneskin is Italy’s representative on Eurovision. The band was supposed to perform in the Netherlands in 2020 but the contest was canceled. This year, Måneskin became the winner of the Sanremo Festival, so will aim for first place with their new hit “Zitti e buoni”. The country enters the top-5 replacing Iceland and Lithuania, according to bookmakers.

One of the main favorites of last year, Lithuania was the bookies’ favorite last March. The Roop’s dance hit “Discotheque” has been among people’s favorites for quite a long time. The song has even topped the odds at Betsson to win the ESC. However, tables have turned as soon as other countries have presented their works. So did Italy with its 10.00 odds to win in 2021.

top-5 Eurovision favorites to bet on
Maneskin – Måneskin, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bulgaria’s Eurovision winning chances are quite high in 2021

With 10.00 odds, Bulgaria is among the main favorites to win Eurovision 2021. Victoria had one of the best chances to win last year, according to online gambling sites in the Netherlands. Her unique music style and strong Billie Eilish vibes won people’s hearts and helped her to be Bulgaria’s entry in 2021 as well.

This year, Victoria will perform “Growing Up Is Getting Older” on the ESC stage. Although most Eurovision fans rooted for another song of her to be selected as the contest song,  “Growing Up Is Getting Older” managed to hit both charts and bookmaking sites. As of now, Victoria is in the top-5 Eurovision favorites to bet on.

France and Switzerland have very good odds to win the ESC

The 2021 Eurovision will definitely be remembered as the show with the biggest number of non-English language songs. This year, many countries including Italy, Denmark, Spain, France, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Russia will perform in their native or official languages. You can also evaluate Russia’s chances to win Eurovision in 2021

Among all these countries, two French songs stand out. Switzerland’s Gjon’s Tears stays in top-2 since the moment of the release of “Tout l’univers”. A heart-touching song has 5.5 odds to win as of April 2021. Its closest rival – “Voilà” by Barbara Pravi – is a bit behind with 6.05 odds. However, the French song was released a bit later and is still gaining popularity among Eurovision fans.

Malta is among the top-5 Eurovision favorites to bet on

Malta is currently the main favorite to win the song contest. The country has chosen 18-years-old Destiny Chukunyere with “Je Me Casse” to perform in the Netherlands. The feminist message of the song, its energy, and Destiny’s voice brought Malta to the top of the most possible winners. It is also often compared to Netta’s “Toy” for its empowerment and vibes. 

According to the bookies, Malta will win the ESC 2021 with 4.06 odds. As of now, the song has more than 3 million views on Youtube, which is one of the best results of the year. If you also believe that Destiny is destined to win Eurovision 2021, you can bet on her at Betsson Sportsbook.

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