Top Bookmakers Suspend Bets on Greece

Renowned online bookmakers suspend bets on economic events in Greece due to great turmoil.

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World’s top bookmakers, Ladbrokes and William Hill, suspended betting on Greece.

Ladbrokes and William Hill are renowned bookmakers offering a wide variety of bets in hundreds of markets. In the latest news, due to great political and economic turmoil in which Greece has found itself, these top online bookmakers declined to continue to accept bids on Greece.

Although, the sport bets are by far the biggest source of revenue, currency and political bets are also possible. Accepting bets on Greece leaving the Eurozone became too risky, and the choice for these online sportsbooks in Greece is not too continue with economic betting, at least not for the foreseeable future.

Ladbrokes still accepts certain financial bets. For example, wagers can be placed on whether the Greek stock market will lose more than 25% of its value in a single day before this year ends. If Greece were to suddenly leave the Eurozone, such bets could materialize. Punters can also make bets on whether the Euro will disappear by year’s end.

While Greek gambling laws are relatively liberal, many betting businesses seek to avoid the country until the mess clears.

Sportsbooks expand the range of bets

While online and mobile betting grows, the competition increases. Online casinos as well as sportsbooks continuously come up with new products. Now, it is common to see a betting house that runs both an online casino and a sportsbook.

Moreover, once accepting only traditional sports bets, the bookmakers are expanding into binary betting, currency bets, bets on politics, economic events, and the level of stock market indices. Even bets on mayoral elections, such as the recent London elections, are offered. Truly mesmerizing.

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