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Casinos in Jordan

There are no casinos in Jordan, as religious laws are strictly against what is considered “the fourteenth greater sin” – gambling.

In September 2011, the country faced a huge scandal – later referred to as “Casinogate” – over a multi-million dollar casino project. Prime Minister Ma’arouf al-Bakhit secretly authorized the plans for a gambling venue located by the Dead Sea, and then publicly denied responsibility for his actions.

Protests broke out, as the people reminded politicians that gambling is illegal in Jordan. Meanwhile, with the Prime Minister’s signature on the 50-year casino deal, the government was facing a $1.4 billion penalty for not going through with the project.

The scandal in 2011 revealed that a previous government had also issued licenses for two casinos – one on the Red Sea and one on the Jordan river – and was intending to ban local residents from the site.

Online Casinos in Jordan

Jordan doesn’t hand out licenses for online betting operators due to strict religious views against gambling. However, there are plenty of foreign-based online casinos out there catering to Jordanian players. In fact, betting over the internet is quite popular among local residents, who have no other alternative for gambling.