Trump NFL Betting Options Are Available at Paddy Power Sportsbook

Trump NFL betting

In light of his recent stance on the US national anthem, there are now a number of great Trump NFL betting specials available at Paddy Power Sportsbook.


Donald Trump had made it abundantly clear that he does not like sports players kneeling for the national anthem, even going so far as to claim players in the NFL should be kicked off their team for refusing to stand for the anthem.


Now, one of the best online sportsbooks in the UK are some special Trump NFL betting options. Here are two wagers you can make today.


Bet on both teams kneeling in the Super Bowl

One of the options to wager on right now is whether or not at least one player on both teams will kneel during the 2017 Super Bowl.


It seems very likely considering how many players have been refusing the stand in the anthem, and Paddy Power lists the odds of this happening at this season’s Super Bowl at 2/5.


Bet on if Trump attends the next Super Bowl

With how much negative attention Donald Trump has brought to the NFL, is it even possible he attends the championship this year? The oddsmakers certainly think so.


At the moment, the odds that Trump makes UK gambling news
by attending this season’s Super Bowl are set at 4/1. Perhaps this bet will depend on the state of the NFL over the next several months.


To find more Trump NFL betting options, make sure to head to Paddy Power Sportsbook. Here you’ll find a complete list of great political novelty bets, as well as odds for the entire 2017/18 NFL season.

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