Types of Gamblers

Types of Gamblers – Which One are You?

Just like any other sport, gambling attracts people from different backgrounds, personalities, and skill levels. In this article, we describe the different types of gamblers from the professional level to the compulsive gamblers. Although they are all playing the same game, each type displays distinctive traits and behaviors that separate them from the rest. Find out which type of gambler you are!

The Professional Gambler

Professional gamblers are people who make living through gambling. They dedicate most of their times at the casinos and gambling clubs. Unlike any other types of gamblers, professionals always take their gambling decision based on well-calculated risks. They evaluate the odds and outcomes of every gambling situation and take their decision based on that evaluation. To become a professional gambler, you must possess a set of personal traits. For example, they possess an exceptional amount of patience, self-control, emotional control, and the ability to take well-calculated risks. These four traits are the groundwork layer of any professional gambler. The patience and self-control are needed to tolerate any losses that may come their way. This is a key element in their career success as they do not make rash decisions when losing. Instead, they control their emotions to help clear their thinking process into making a well-calculated decision.

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Types of Gamblers
Which kind are you?

The Serious Gamblers

Similar to the professional gamblers, the serious gamblers view gambling as their main source of income. Also, serious gamblers spend a lot of their time in casinos and gambling clubs. Serious gamblers use the money that they win to pay for their daily needs. However, the main difference between a serious gambler and a professional gambler is the level of play. A serious gambler would be a very good and skilled player, but not on the professional level yet. There would not be a significant increase in the number of wagers or bets that they make because they win as much as they lose.

The Casual Gamblers

The casual Gamblers are the biggest portion of the different types of gamblers. They visit casinos and gambling clubs from time to time to have fun and earn money. Unlike the professional gamblers, the casual gamblers primary source of income is not gambling. They view the game like any other casual activity such as going out for a drink. They play the game primarily to have some fun, connect with other people, and use that time to relax and loosen up. Similar to the professional gambler, a casual gambler will have the necessary self-control and emotional control to play the game. They will not go overboard with gambling trying to win money even if they are losing it.

Relief and Escape Gamblers

Some people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, or stress seek gambling as a coping mechanism. Those types of gamblers are relief and escape gamblers. They view gambling as a treatment or a technique to escape the problem they are facing. They only feel the need to start gambling when they are subjected to emotional instability. Once that emotional instability or stress is relieved, the urge to gamble disappears with it. Because of the lack of emotional control, relief and escape gambler do not usually earn a lot of money. Their ability to properly analyze gambling situations is hindered by their emotional instability.

Types of Gamblers
Professional gamblers walk these grounds – Image via Pixabay

Conservative Type of Gamblers

Similar to the casual gambler, a conservative gambler is interested in the experience of gambling rather than winning money. They visit casinos and gambling clubs to try out the gambling machines and games such as the slots. They are called conservative gamblers because they limit the budget on how much they are willing to gamble on as they are not interested in money. Many conservative gamblers view gambling as a “one time” experience and never play it again. However, some enjoy the experience so much that they develop to another type of gambler, such as the casual gambler.

Personality Gamblers

What separates personality gamblers from all the previously mentioned types of gamblers is the way they desire to win that money. Personality gamblers would attempt to use any illegal practices to win such cheating, lying, or stealing. This kind of gamblers usually blame their attempts of cheating to being addicted to the game. However, regardless of their excuse, once they get caught in a casino or a gambling club, they would get banned from entering ever again.

Compulsive Gamblers

The last and final type of gamblers is the compulsive gamblers. A compulsive gambler is someone who enjoys the game so much to the point that they are controlled by gambling and money. A major sign of a compulsive gambler is someone who constantly gambles even if they are losing. They would try to win that money back and compensate for the money they have lost. Therefore, if you ever feel like you are drifting to this kind of situation, seek professional help to turn you into the right track. Remember, gambling is always about winning money but more importantly having fun playing it.

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