UBS Reports Japanese Gaming Market Could be worth $18 Billion in 10 Years

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Analysis conducted by UBS states that gambling market in Japan could reach a massive $18 billion value mark in 10 years time.

At first, the casino market is expected to reach the value of $9.4 billion, while $8.8 billion of that amount would be linked to gaming revenue.

The forecasted $18 billion will be mainly attributed to casinos in both Tokyo, Osaka and three other casinos located in remote regions.

Japanese gambling laws are currently in tentative discussion to issue licenses to casino companies to commence operations, as they seek to capitalize on the growing casino trend.

UBS also highlighted how other nations that actively maintain a gambling industry, might very well be affected by the Japanese legislation.

According to the investment bank, Macau will not suffer a great deal, as most of the gambling players come from China.

While the Philippines is projected to be worth in excess of $4.4 billion gaming market by 2017. The three casinos that currently operating in the Philippines would come in a considerable degree of competition with the Japanese market.

Korea, the other player vying for gambling industry

Recently, there have been some preliminary developments regarding Korean gambling news. Government officials have been holding discussion about liberalizing the gaming market, which would effectively challenge the Japanese numbers that are currently in Korea.

According to UBS, the gambling business in Korea could grow from $2.3 billion to $10 billion by 2020.

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