UK Lottery Winner Becomes a Volunteer Dog Trainer

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After experiencing the high life with her GBP 1.9 million lotto win, Michelle Edwards decided to become a dog trainer.

The 43 year-old woman won the lottery in 2009 and has spent the larger part of the money on a mansion, two yachts, new cars, designer clothes and holidays. But after a few years, she found that living this luxurious lifestyle doesn’t quite satisfy her.

Local gambling news say Michelle Edwards ended up feeling guilty about spending all that money, so she decided to become a volunteer at Canine Partners, where she works as a dog trainer or “puppy parent”.

“When I won the lottery it was like my wildest dreams had come true. It was our time to spend, spend, spend. But I wanted to do something more meaningful with my life,” she told reporters, in a recent interview.

Giving something back

The charity has received GBP 370,000 from the National Lottery and this money goes to training volunteers. Michelle’s latest contribution to the program is training a puppy to assist a disabled servicewoman from Scotland.

“It is like fostering a toddler. I socialize them by taking them everywhere I can think they will experience with their partner. I am so grateful to have won the lottery. It means I’ve been able to give something back,” she added.

Under British gambling laws, the National Lottery is operated by the Camelot Group, which directs some of the money to charitable organizations.

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