UK Lotto Winners Shared Their Own Experience of Hitting the Jackpot

  • The old couple from England spends all lotto winning money on trips
  • The youngest UK lottery winner was overwhelmed with a big jackpot
  • Some people don’t change their lifestyle much
UK Lotto Winners

Four real UK lotto winners told how hitting the jackpot feels like. All these people guessed the winning combinations during this decade, so had enough time to decide what to do with money. 

Colin & Christine Weir, Jane Restorick, Susan Richards and the Browns won the lottery this year. Since January, each of these people changed their life by buying that one lucky scratchcard. After several years of their victory, they told about their destiny before and after winning the lottery.

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UK lotto winners from Ipswich travels around the world

An old couple of lotto winners from Ipswich, England, won more than £6 million in the local lottery in 2013. Richard and Cathy Brown are both retired journalists from their hometown’s local newspaper. The spouses were living their life as ordinary pensioners, spending their days traveling across Britain. One day it all changed.

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The Browns were on their boat trip to Newcastle when they realized that they became millionaires. The couple checked the winning numbers via the app and all of them matched. However, these UK lotto winners didn’t lose their minds on the jackpot and finished their trip first. Richard said that he took their victory for granted as he & his wife were lucky people. They had friends, family, and money for a good life, so £6 million was a pleasant bonus rather than a vital necessity.

After winning the lottery, Richard and Cathy improved their living conditions. They moved to a better house, bought a new car, and started traveling outside the home country. They call a trip to Antarctica the best thing that could happen to them in retirement.

The care worker didn’t quit her job after hitting the jackpot

Susan Richards, a carer from Rochford, bought her lucky scratchcard after a night shift. That day in 2016 turned her life upside down as she won £3 million in a National Lottery. After hitting the jackpot, Sue and her family have significantly improved their lives. They bought a new house, four cars, a wheelhouse and started traveling. Moreover, the woman helped her children to get on their feet.

All these material benefits didn’t force Richards to leave her beloved job. Susan still works as a carer and says she likes it most of all.

The youngest among UK lotto winners wasn’t satisfied with the victory

Jane Restorick was just 17 when she won £1 million by online lotto news in the UK. The girl became the country’s youngest Euromillions winner ever in 2016 and since that time her life changed completely.

Restorick worked as a temporary administrator in Edinburg, where she also lived with her mother. Hitting the jackpot became a big surprise for Jane, however, not in a positive way. As she later said, she didn’t know what to do with £1 million at the age of 17. At the first stage, Jane treated herself with brand bags and a pedigree dog named Princess. Later, Restorick faced such problems as people’s expectations about material help and felt disappointed.

A couple from Scotland became political donors and charity givers

Colin and Christine Weir became one of the biggest UK lotto winners of all times. The couple hit the jackpot of £161 million in 2011. Since then, the Weirs changed a lot not only in their own lifestyle but in other people’s destiny. In 2019, the couple split but it doesn’t help them from sharing their lotto experience.

The Weirs bought houses for them and their friends right after the lotto victory but they didn’t stop at their own well-being. Colin and Christine founded the Weir Trust – an organization that supports local charities. The couple started supporting Partick Thistle FC in hope that it will prosper. Also, the spouses became the biggest political donors in Scotland by giving £3 million to support the country’s independence within the EU.

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