UK Politics odds: Another General Election in 2018?


Posted: March 28, 2018

Updated: March 28, 2018

In light of UK PM being unable to control her cabinet, the Brexit, and the issue of Irish border, many think it is very likely a general election will happen before its due date in 2022. Could it happen in 2018? Given the uncertainty in UK politics odds during the last two years, it’s worth considering a bet, for sure.

According to online sportsbook news in the UK many surprising results in last two years have changed the face of UK politics. The leave won a narrow victory in the 2016 EU referendum. In June 2017, Theresa May called for a snap election, expecting to strengthen her Brexit negotiating hand, only to be left running to the DUP to form a coalition.

There is almost general consensus that the current government is too weak to survive for very long. According to Betsafe Sportsbook people could go to the polls again at some point in 2019 with UK politics odds at (3.75). High expectation is also present for general election to happen even before 2018 is up with (5.00) odds. What factors could help another election to happen?

UK politics odds: who could win the next election?

UK Politics Odds

(Source: Yougov)

The snap general election in 2017 produced a surprise result. Theresa May’s Conservatives lost their majority and Jeremy Corbin’s Labour performed better than expected. Many recent polls show that the Conservatives are expected to win 41% of the votes, while Labours are to win 43%. On who would make best Prime Minister, 36% of people prefer Theresa May while 29% favor Jeremy Corbyn. A further 35% can’t choose between the two.

Such figures will be partly tested on May 03 when the council and mayoral elections take place. If the Conservatives dominate the lower tier election, they could try again to win back the heart of Britons and strengthen their government. If Labours prevail, Theresa May’s government will be further weakened, but she will definitely look for an exit strategy that can help her stay in power.

No exit strategy for Tories yet

The sparse turnout of audience for Mrs May in Davos in January has conveyed the message that Britain does not matter as much today as it did before the Brexit. For Theresa May to change the general perspective she needs to come out with a festive Brexit agreement that can place Britain back into the heart of the world. But we all know that such goal will not be attained anytime soon. So what else is on the table?

Frankly not much, in fact online sportsbook news in the UK suggest Brexit campaign could be reversed if there is enough evidence on cheating, breach and collusion. If such thing is revealed in near future, people in the UK will certainly go to polls again. Are there any signs yet? Cambridge Analytica scandal could be one, with more whistleblowers needed to speak out for general election to become an inescapable reality for UK politics odds. As long as uncertainty dominates the political scene in UK, general election will always be the strong option.

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