José Mourinho and Success: Has the Love Story Come to an End for Good?

Jose Mourinho Success

José Mourinho probably won’t retire from Manchester United, but where Will he go next?

José Mouirnho is one of the greatest managers of our time. And without a doubt one of the most successful ones. However, the hasn’t been doing particularly well in recent times. GamingZion tried to investigate the reasons why Mourinho and success haven’t been coming hand in hand lately, as well as trying to see what could happen to the Portuguese manager.

When will Mourinho leave Manchester United?

Online sportsbook news sites in the UK seem to believe in the Portuguese manager as no Mourinho leaving Man Utd odds are available at the moment. However, the guy is not a settler: he never really managed to spend 5 years at the same club – consecutively, he did that with Chelsea. Only in 2 turns, though.

Based on our experiences on Mourinho’s career, we can be sure as hell that he will soon stop being a Red Devil. The Portuguese is likely to go on searching for new adventures in his career, but where would he go next? Which teams are likely to want the Portuguese star and which are the ones that would be challenging enough for him?

Managers like Pellegrini and Scolari decided to give up on serious football and went to the Chinese Super League to get incredible amounts of money. Mourinho’s pride probably won’t let him do that this early at his career. He still needs more. He needs the Champions League trophy at least one more time.

Can Mourinho win the Champions League again?

At the helm of Manchester United, his team made it to the Round of 16. As known, they were easily beaten by Sevilla, who are, let’s be honest, not among the top candidates for the title. Yet Man Utd were too weak to try and show their strength to a much weaker side. They didn’t seem to qualify, not even for 1 second for 180 minutes.

That means that at this point, they are far away from European standards, which are measured in the heights of Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Barcelona. José Mourinho will probably try again next season and of course he can win the Champions League again – which he hopes to do so. But he’ll need a lot of improvement.

Why has Mourinho failed so many times?

The most important thing in the top level is something that sites in the online sportsbook dictionary rarely talk about: it’s mental toughness in football that matters the most. And it’s not only for successful football players, but successful football managers also need to be there in mind, 100% at leasat.

One slight mistake can result in serious consequences. And when you send out your team against a weaker side only to defend and not even try to score – just like Mourinho has done with Man Utd against Sevilla – you will not win. You cannot win. You cannot win with a losing mentality, that’s football.

He has been fired from Real Madrid because of his loser mentality and he has been knocked out several times because of his loser mentality throughout his actually rich and outstanding career. But he never seems to learn from previous mistakes, which keeps him from becoming one of the greatest managers alive.

What will be Mourinho’s next club?

That’s why we might say that Mourinho winning Champions Leage again is a possible scenario, but only if he learn from his previous mistakes. Fr example, he will actually try to score a goal when his team needs to score a goal, instead of just parking the bust and hoping to find one goal from an opponents mistake.

If he leaves Manchester United, he will definitely have offers to choose from. Apart from Chilnese Super League clubs, possibly a PSG move could be on the horizon. In addition, he also told several times that he would love to manage the Portuguese national team one day. We’ll have to wait until the end of the World Cup to see if it’s going to be possible.

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