Let’s Bet on Superpesis 2018 Winner With Pesäpallo Betting Odds!

Superpesis 2018 winner

The Finnish national sport pesäpallo is nothing short of remarkable. The Superpesis 2018 winner is the most honourable title. It represents the best pesäpallo team of the year in all of Finland. So, we have compiled a list of the strongest teams as well as their betting odds.

Pesäpallo is a great sport to bet on if you want to spice things up in addition to enjoying the hot saunas and online casinos in Finland. Also known as Finnish baseball, pesäpallo encompasses high speed, constant action and no wasted time. Every player in the field is always in action. In fact, it is even more exciting than regular baseball!

You had better get ready for the final round of Superpesis 2018 at the end of September. 14 teams from each city in Finland are competing for the Superpesis 2018 winner title. Without further ado, here are the pesäpallo betting odds:

1. Joensuu (3.25)

Online betting sites in Finland estimate 3.25 odds for Joensuu to become the Superpesis 2018 winner. This is because Joensuu is having a stellar performance this year. They are currently the first on pesäpallo standings with 76 points. If Joensuu keeps this up, they are on a great track to win their first Superpesis gold medal!

Superpesis Winner 2018


2. Sotkamo (3.75)

Sotkamo’s odds of becoming Superpesis 2018 winner are at 3.75, according to online gambling sites in Finland. Ever since Superpesis was established in 1990, Sotkamo is the club that has won the most gold. To be exact, they were the winners for 17 times out of 27 years. If you want to bet on pesäpallo, the legendary Sotkamo has one of the best odds.

3. Vimpeli (2.25)

Finally, the bookies’ favourite to win Superpesis 2018 is Vimpeli (2.25). It doesn’t matter that with 74 points, Vimpeli comes in second on the standings behind Joensuu. The pesäpallo betting odds still favour Vimpeli because they are the most recent back-to-back Superpesis winner in 2016 and 2017.

Bet on the Superpesis 2018 Outright Winner!

As we rank the odds for Superpesis 2018 winner, we can see that Vimpeli (2.25) has the best chance to win followed by Joensuu (3.25) and Sotkamo (3.75). The two latter teams’ odds are not that far off. So now, let’s bet on pesäpallo at Vbet Sportsbook!

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