Unlawful Internet Gambling Ubiquitous in Johor Baru, Malaysia

Over the last several months, illegal internet gambling in Johor Baru, Malaysia has become widespread.

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Over the last several months, internet gambling in Malaysia has become widespread, especially in the region known as Johor Baru. Not only are these unlicensed gambling centers providing access 24 hours per day, but the operators are treating clients to food and beverages.

A man called Lim suggested that these access points are somehow a “menace”, underreported by the media. However, an investigation proved that lots of residents are already aware of the illicit gambling dens within their home neighborhoods. Moreover, they could identify the gambling center locations as shop-house top floors. Local businessmen within the residential area suggested the gambling centers were run covertly in shop spaces without signs, to better evade discovery.

In Taman Sentosa, a township of Johor Baru, no less than ten unlawful online gambling centers enable patrons to play online casino games in Malaysia, including internet rotary tables and internet slot machines. Controllers cautiously limit access to known gamblers.

Internet gambling is prohibited by Malaysian gambling laws as well as the locally popular Islamic religion. Moreover, internet café owners are subject to prosecution if they are caught allowing consumers to visit internet gambling websites. Not least, the Malaysian banks are prohibited from transferring funds to or from gambling websites. However, the proscription is not tightly enforced so numerous online payment processing options remain viable to Malaysian gamblers.

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