US Casinos Close Because of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy forces casinos, sports betting and stock exchange to stop

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Hurricane Sandy caused big trouble in gambling facilities in the United States after claiming at least 43 lives on its path though the Caribbean.

Hurricane Sandy is expected to hit the shores in early Tuesday in Delaware. As it progresses towards the inland, Hurricane Sandy will crash with two major winter weather systems, and has a potential to create a huge superstorm.

Sandy has a chance to be more powerful than the Hurricane Irene that hit the USA in 2011. New Jersey governor Chris Christie ordered evacuations of all casinos in Atlantic City and on the state’s barrier islands on Saturday as well as closing state parks.

In New York City, mayor Bloomberg ordered the evacuations in low-lying areas in all five boroughs on Saturday. Bloomberg informed on a hastily called press meeting on Friday. “We are taking all the steps that we need to take”, adding there was no need to panic.

The City required all construction work to be stopped since Saturday and asked residents to prepare “go-bags” with water and First Aid kits.

The mayor also closed down the city’s massive public transit network including the NYC subway. It is rare for the NYC subway to shut down its operation completely, although it did happen last year when Hurricane Irene hit the city.

On Monday, the New York City Stock Exchange halted all trading. The NYSE issued a statement, saying: “Hurricane Sandy will make it extremely difficult to ensure the safety of our people and communities.” It is the first time the New York Stock Exchange closes since 1985’s Hurricane Gloria.

New York State governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency for all 62 counties and claimed the state was taking “every precaution possible.”

Governors in several other states declared a state of emergency and ordered coastal residents to move towards the inland. Sports events and related sports betting are canceled. Airlines canceled flights and lifted change fees for rescheduling passengers.

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