US Politics Odds: Trump Could Bring UN Headquarters Outside in US

UN to relocate their headquarters outside in US

Trump’s America first doctrine has brought the United Nations under uncertain future. US politics odds suggest he has some interesting offers to make about relocating the organization. What are Trump’s plans?

Online gambling sites in the US offer some interesting US politics odds on what is in the US president Donald Trump mind about the most prestigious organization in the world. Would Trump push the country to withdraw its membership from the UN? Would he expel the organization outside the US territory? Or maybe he will convince the world leaders to accept relocating UN three regional headquarters in Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi, and bring them in to the US soil. For now, we know that the odds for relocating UN headquarters are (10), according to the 1xBet Sportsbook. But, why would Trump do that?

Trump does not like the UN

Trump has often spoken of Brexit as an example of how he intends to run the United States. Therefore, he has deep commitment to protect and increase the US sovereignty. Thus with UN officials from all over the world living in New York, enjoying the immunity, and supporting resolutions that do not necessarily reflect the US self-interests, Donald Trump believes he has to do something about it and reverse the current situation.

In addition, Trump is well known for his populist way of thinking. He always thinks how to increase his electorate for the second term. Thus, many American people believe the United Nations has saved million lives and boosted health and education across the world, but it is bloated, undemocratic and very expensive. So how would Trump fix UN’s problems and please his supporters?

US politics odds on Trump’s future plans

According to online sportsbook news in the US, Donald Trump has expressed his critical view of the United Nations more than once in 2017. He decided to pull out of many UN agencies. In October, 2017 Donald Trump announced he is withdrawing from UNESCO, as well as he threatened several times to quite UN Human Rights council. Moreover, he announced to withdraw from the UN migration pact that is meant to boost international cooperation on migration issues. If Trump keeps quitting UN agencies, he will find himself out of the UN, and without a membership. So what is the alternative?

Since the US President aims to broaden his area of control of the UN, then maybe the alternative plan of quitting is bringing in all the UN headquarters, and keeping the entire organization under his watch. Could he succeed to implement such plan?

The world is going in a different direction

According to US politics odds at 1xBet Sportsbook Donald Trump aims to give it a try in 2018. In meantime many world leaders believe the UN headquarter should be located in poor countries where it is difficult to access Westernized media and the high life. That might give UN officials more time to concentrate on global problems such as hunger, disease and violence. So, why not move the United Nations to Haiti, Libya or Uganda?

Although this is a nice idea but in our world the powerful leads, and it is more reasonable that the UN regional headquarters would move to the US, rather than the US losing its influence on the entire organization by letting it go to somewhere else.

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