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Posted: March 4, 2023

Updated: March 4, 2023

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This article serves as a quick guide for the Valorant Champions Tour 2023 odds. Because if you are new, we understand how complex it looks to place an online bet. However, it is extremely easy once you get the idea. We are here to introduce you to the event, and talk about the best teams, the odds, and our predictions for it. At the bottom, you will find a step-by-step guide to placing a bet, involving a link to the heading page to register.

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We dedicated this article to introducing you to the Valorant Champions Tour 2023 odds. This means this is the best time for you to register at the online gambling sites in the Czech Republic. Because Valorant is one of the most popular eSports in the whole European region. Nonetheless, this page is an easy-to-consume read for both beginners and experts. Therefore, if you are new at sportsbook betting or VALORANT then you shouldn’t worry about a lack of experience.

However, even experts can get some valuable information about the betting odds and our predictions. Keep in mind that you can bet on Valorant online anytime you want to. Because there is more than one event hosted by more than one company. Involving Riot Games who created the game. However, fan-made tournaments are often supported by the company as well.

Introduction To The Valorant Champions Tour 2023 Odds

First of all, let’s talk about the event itself. If you are unfamiliar with professional eSports. Then you should try to watch some of the matches from the 2022 event. However, if you don’t want to do that, we can summarize the whole thing for you.

According to Liquipedia, there are 8 different professional Valorant Leagues when it comes to official events. While this article was written, there were 287 left days before the event concluded.

This is for the 2023 Kick-Off tournament. Because the event to get the starting placements for the World Championship. Because this means we are betting on the opening event or the first half of the World Championship. In conclusion, this is an official Riot Games event hosted for the best Valorant players. Register at 22BET Sportsbook to place a bet on it today.

Participating Teams

According to the VLR.GG, the teams are already competing in the events that will lead to the Valorant Champions Tour 2023 odds. This means the following teams are all experienced professionals who already earned their way among the best.

Therefore, listing all of the teams would take too long. However, to give you an idea of who to research, we will give you the list of those who are guaranteed to receive a spot at the event. These people have the best Valorant players of all time. Therefore, placing an early bet is extremely valuable for the following teams:

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  1. Natus Vincere
  3. DRX
  4. Sentinels
  5. Cloud9
  6. Loud
  7. NRG Esports
  8. Team Liquid
  9. Gen.G
  10. T1

The Valorant Champions Tour 2023 Odds

Finally, we are here to review the odds available at 22BET Sportsbook. Without saying too much, we highly recommend you bet today. Because these odds are going to get worse and worse after we receive news about the condition of the teams and players. Natus Vincere has amazing odds now. But if they win 3 consecutive events the odds will decrease.

  • Natus Vincere – 5.05
  • Fnatic – 5.05
  • DRX – 5.75
  • Sentinels – 6.9
  • Cloud9 – 7.3
  • Loud – 7.4
  • NRG Esports – 10
  • Team Liquid – 10.5
  • Paper Rex – 11
  • 100 Thieves – 14
  • Team Vitality – 19
  • Leviatan Esports – 19
  • Gen.G – 29
  • T1 – 29
  • Karmine Corp – 29
  • Evil Geniuses – 37
  • KOI – 37
  • Team Heretics – 45
  • KRU Esports – 45
  • Giants – 72
  • FUT Esports – 72
  • FURIA – 81
  • Global Esports – 81
  • Talon Esports – 100
  • MiBR – 110
  • BBL Esports – 110
  • Team Secret – 122
  • Rex Regum Leon – 161
  • DetonatioN Gaming – 161

Valorant Future Betting Markets

Moving on with the Valorant Champions Tour 2023 odds. It’s time to talk about the future betting markets. According to Valorant eSports, the events are going to be consistent. However, you don’t have to worry about an event not happening.

Therefore, you won’t likely lose your bet for unexpected cancellations. The closer we get to the events, the more the bookies will release betting markets with interesting props. Keep an eye out and expand the odds to find gems such as the following props:

  • Spikes planted (above/under)
  • Kills for team or player (under/above)
  • Exact round scores or under/above rounds.
  • Agents picked
  • MVP and Team MVP bets
  • Knife kills (yes or no)

If you are an expert who understands Agents and pro player playstyles. Then you can utilize your skill and knowledge on these props. Because if there is an aggressive duelist player, then he will probably earn more than 10 kills during a match. 

Our Predictions

Now that you know everything you need about the Valorant Champions tour 2023 odds. Let us give you our predictions about the winner. We must highlight that the outright winner will depend on many aspects. For example, equal teams might have it at the worst picks for competitive Valorant.

Looking at the list we can see that Natus Vincere and FNATIC are equal with 5.05 odds. Furthermore, we have DRX and Sentinels are there on the top of the list. We believe that 2023 is the year when DRX is going to outperform everyone.

However, if you are not a fan of risky picks. Then we recommend you place a subtle bet on Natus Vincere. Because we don’t believe that FNATIC is going to win this year. Why? Well, the company is facing issues with its League of Legends team. Which can affect the economy of the whole company and brand.

How To Bet? – Valorant Champions Tour 2023 Odds

Finally, we owe you a quick betting guide if you are new to the game or eSports betting. First, we highly recommend you read our best Valorant betting tips. Furthermore, the registration process is pretty simple. Just follow these simple steps and you are going to find yourself at the heading page for registration and quick betting:

  • Register or log in at 22BET Sportsbook
  • Make sure to confirm your registration via e-mail
  • Head to the site and click “sportsbook” on the top
  • Once you are there, navigate to the left
  • Either expand the esports category or type “VALORANT” into the search bar
  • Look for the Valorant Champions Tour 2023 Kick-Off Event
  • Click on the item you wish to bet on
  • Purchase your betting slip
  • Wait for the event to conclude

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