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Posted: February 21, 2023

Updated: February 21, 2023

  • Yoru is the worst Valorant agent
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  • Worst picks for competitive Valorant

If you visit online betting sites with your gaming friends to bet on Valorant together. Then we have good news for you. Because live betting is available at most if not all betting operators. However, we have brought you the worst picks for competitive Valorant. Therefore, we will teach you which agents are a sign of failure. Even your best team can lose if they pick a Cypher against a Fade. Make sure to catch these matches to win cash.

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We dedicated this article to telling you about the worst picks for competitive Valorant. Whenever you are visiting online sportsbook sites in Romania, you should avoid live betting on teams who pick these. Because they are likely not going to win the match. However, if one agent is better on one map than the other. Then we will highlight that the agent is good on only that specific map. eSports are extremely complex.

However, you can easily figure out which Agents are going to set a professional team at a disadvantage. When it comes to ranking you can easily carry the game with Cypher. However, when it comes to the most professional players in the world? Likely not going to get away with small camera tricks and good angles.

Yoru Is Terrible For Comp – Worst Picks For Competitive Valorant

Let’s start our list with the worst Valorant agent in 2023. Because everyone’s favorite edgy guy is also every professional’s most hated agent. Therefore, Yoru is one of the worst picks an eSport player can pick. According to Dot eSports, Yoru is fun to play, but underwhelming in competition. Because professional players are not going to rotate to the other side just because they hear a faint step.

Furthermore, even bronze players know to hug the walls when he is using their ultimate ability. Knifing someone in the back once every ten matches are not going to set an eSports career. This is why we highly recommend you avoid wagering on teams who pick Yoru. Register at Playzilla Sportsbook to be able to bet live and get an advantage by knowing that Yoru will likely not contribute to the team when it comes to game mechanics.

Breach Is A One-Trick

According to One eSports, DRX is one of the best teams for Valorant betting. Therefore, you are going to question our decision when you see that their Captain prefers to play this character. The concept of Breach is amazing. If you get to pick the right locations you can destroy the opposing team alone. However, if it is used on a map where there are many walls, then Breach can lock down areas and also initiate attacks.

This is why we recommend you bet on the team to win if they pick Breach on Split or Fracture. However, on the other maps Breach is extremely underwhelming. He can hold one side of Lotus, but that’s about it. When picked on Pearl, Breach is one of the worst picks for competitive Valorant.

Omen Is Not Great – Worst Picks For Competitive Valorant

Female characters are dominant in the current season. No wonder why Valorant is one of the main picks for the female eSports events in 2023. But what about genderless entities? Omen is generally a dark mark among the Agents. But story aside, Omen is great for blocking the enemy’s vision. However, his ultimate is extremely underwhelming. In conclusion, he is one of the best Agents to destroy lower-rank opponents.

However, if professional players are against each other? Maybe the player is going to stab someone in the back. Other than that, it’s super obvious when an Omen is going to use Ultimate. However, he can provoke muscle memory by using his ultimate and then canceling it. Because experienced players will fall for the trick of thinking Omen has teleported. 

Phoenix Is A Weak Pick

We should have mentioned in our Valorant VCL betting guide 2023, that Phoenix is for beginners. It is a solid pick for your little brother or sister who just started playing. Because it deals a fair amount of damage, and you can heal while damaging the enemy. But Phoenix meets the same issues with eSports and competitive play. Because he is good at ranking. But when it comes to the biggest Valorant players of all time? His friendly fire potential makes it the worst pick for competitive Valorant.

No one is going to die in his fire. And when he uses his ultimate, the opponent can counter it by counting the remaining seconds and then throwing a Raze bomb to the original location. Don’t bet on anyone who picks Phoenix on a betting event.

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Cypher – Worst Picks For Competitive Valorant

I know, I would love it if Cypher was good too. The design and concept of this character are truly one of a kind. Giving an obvious shoutout to Batman’s Riddle. However, Cypher is just terrible. Even when played with the greatest of excellence, getting a cover and then marking one enemy with a camera. People just know where to shoot at this point. And his ultimate is extremely underwhelming. Revealing the opponents in such a faint way is not going to help anything. Let’s not talk about his traps. Because anyone who has played more than 50 matches in their lives, will know to destroy those chips. According to Reddit, Cypher was picked as the worst pick for competitive Valorant by the community. 

How To Bet On Valorant eSports?

Finally, we have reached the end of our list of worst picks for competitive Valorant. In conclusion, we highly recommend you to not bet on any teams who pick the mentioned Agents. Unless they are good on a specific map. However, we still highly recommend you bet on Valorant. Because even the worst agents can carry professional teams.

Furthermore, video games always have something new to show you. Therefore, we only need a little patch to turn the most useless Agent into a destroyer. Imagine a map created for Cypher for example. All in all, we recommend you register at Playzilla Sportsbook to be able to bet on the most relevant Valorant betting events in 2023.

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