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Posted: January 31, 2023

Updated: January 31, 2023

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We have collected the most popular female eSports events 2023 has to offer. Therefore, this is the best time for you to register at the online gambling sites in Indonesia. Because these events are made for professional women eSports athletes. Even better, some of them allow both males and females to equally face off against each other in a professional environment. Keep in mind that 2023 is the year when women receive massive recognition in eSports.

Therefore, people are no longer restricted based on gender. However, there are still debates going on about whether identity destroys the purpose of separating genders. While the topic is a valid debate, most of these events have identity qualifications. In conclusion, you need to identify yourself as a woman to be able to participate. And if you are not a professional eSports player? You can always bet at LottaBet Sportsbook.

League of Legends Rising Stars

The first event we wish to highlight is something that did not happen yet. Therefore, we have good news for all the professional female eSport players. Because League of Legends is making its first female-only event.

Therefore, the female eSports events 2023 lineup will increase with an additional tournament. However, this was not the first event Riot Games hosted for women. The first female lol team ever to win the Rising Stars event in 2022. According to Liquipedia the best women’s LoL team is G2 HEL. However, there are more teams such as;

  • QLASH Midnight
  • Zerolag Female
  • SK Gaming Avarosa
  • LionsCreed
  • French Fries 2.0

This means that G2 HEL is going to participate in the next local competition. Therefore, they have a high chance of receiving their LEC spot. However, the team has to work hard. This is not another Team Siren case.

GIRLGAMER – Female eSports Events 2023

The GIRLGAMER is one of the best events to empower and liberate women. Therefore, this event was created for girls to have a safe community. Keep in mind that this is still a professional eSports event. However, everyone can attend to watch the show. Furthermore, there are many different games at play during the event.

Therefore, women can prove themselves in Counter-Strike: Global Offense and League of Legends. But they are planning to add more games and more regions. You can sign up for the competitions even. According to Girlgamer, participants must identify as women. In conclusion, you can visit the event at the following regions and their following GIRLGAMER festivals in 2023:

  • Brazil (SÃO PAULO)
  • Spain (CEUTA)
  • South Korea (DAEJEON)
  • Romania (ORADEA)
  • South Africa (CAPE TOWN)

Global Offense – Gamers Club Masters Feminina

Global Offense has its demand for the female eSports events 2023 didn’t ignore. Therefore, we have an event that offers a ≃ USD 11,600.00 prize pool for Brazilian female eSports athletes. This is incredible because female eSports teams require their support to be able to function. However, we all remember the old toxic times of Counter-Strike.

Because it is almost a part of the culture of LAN parties to shout curse words against each other. To not intimidate women, the events of this sport have decided to separate the two leagues for the better. However, there are still mixed events with professional security and environment. Therefore, if you love CS: GO then you should try to place a bet on the next GCM Feminina at LottaBet Sportsbook.

Women’s Star League Invitational – Female eSports Events 2023

It’s time to talk about the most popular female eSports events 2023 and the last year have brought to us. Because it turns out that women are extremely successful in Mobile Legends. Bang Bang. Therefore, the statistics show that females are more interested in this game than they are in any other games added up together. We are unsure about the reason. Because probably it has to do something with the dedicated female league.

Nonetheless, the Women’s Star League Invitational is a prestigious event that invites the best female Mobile Legends players. The best female team in this sport is called Balletron. Which later received its new name: Bigetron. According to Bigetron, they have around 84 victories, 5 2nd place, and 3 draws in total. Therefore, this is the SKT of Mobile Legends. These women are the most talented mobile eSports athletes ever. 

Valorant – VCT Game Changers Championship

Valorant is one of the first games to approach women with total equality. Therefore the female eSports events 2023 betting list will have an updated element. Because VALORANT is trying to create a new format to support both genders.

Furthermore, we already had the VCT Game Changers Championship. Therefore, this is an official Riot Games event from Germany. G2 Gozen have won the event in 2022.

Therefore, they joined the best professional female esports players. Furthermore, they received $180,000 for their victory. Other teams with outstanding performance were: Shopify rebellion GC, Team Liquid Brazil, and Cloud9 White. This event proved that women are ready to join a mixed-gender League.

PUBG Mobile – DGL Ladies – Female eSports Events 2023

Finally, we have reached the end of the list. Therefore, there is one last game you can enjoy where females have a competitive scene. This is the iconic PUBG Mobile which is the most famous in India and Korea. However, keep in mind that you can bet on this event at LottaBet Sportsbook. However, if you are not interested in eSports, that’s alright. Because we have a list of the best female car racers. Both eSport athletes and car drivers are badass in their way. Are you looking forward to the next women’s tournament?

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