Water Polo Betting Odds: LEN Euro Cup 2019 Betting Predictions

Only four teams left in the race for winning the LEN Euro Cup 2019. They are OSC Budapest, Jadran, CN Marseille and CC Ortigia. The Hungarian team is the biggest favourite. Will they win?

Water Polo Betting Odds OSC Budapest
Will OSC Budapest win LEN Euro Cup 2019?

Online sportsbook sites in the UK mark OSC Budapest as the greatest favourites to win LEN Euro Cup 2019. The water polo betting odds for the Hungarian team are the best by far. Those for the rest of the teams are way higher, OSC Budapest are obviously the title-favourites. However, the other teams are also hopeful about winning the trophy…

Bet on OSC Budapest to win for 1/4

If you don’t want to make a lot of money, you shod pick OSC Budapest to win LEN Euro Cup 2019. Water polo betting odds obviously marked them as the best team in the Final Four. However, that might put too much pressure on the team which hasn’t made it this way in decades. The team did win 2 Champions League before – but the last one happened back in 1979. Will OSC Budapest win the very first LEN Euro Cup in the club’s history? Bet on them at BetVictor Sportsbook!

Water polo betting odds for Jadran’s  to win: 4/1

Water Polo Betting Odds
Who will be the kings of Water polo this year?

The team rankings are already done at the online sportsbook directory. Jadran will play against OSC Budapest in the semi final. They are the Hungarian team’s biggest rival, according to the water polo betting odds. This will be an interesting encounter and a possible pre-final, according to the betting predictions… The first match is on 23 January in Montenegro, while the second leg is held on 27 February in Hungary.

Do CC Ortigia have a chance in spite of the Euro Cup 2019 betting odds?…

You might enjoy picking the chanceless. If that’s the case, then you better bet on LEN Euro Cup 2019 winner to come from this leg. Marseille has pretty good odds to win, but CC Ortigia are completely chanceless: 50/1 at BetVictor. If you think they are capable of overcoming the French opponent and then beat the rival from the other leg as well, they are the perfect choice. However, water polo betting odds suggest you should pick another team.

Water polo betting odds might change till the final…

The first leg of the final is held on 30 March, and the second leg is on 13 April. You have until then to wait for water polo betting odds to raise or drop. It’s only up to you which team’s you pick and if you wait for the LEN Euro Cup betting predictions to be right or wrong. If you pick the Italians, you have a lot of reasons to be excited about, while a bet on OSC Budapest to win sounds like a bore-bet.

Bet on OSC Budapest to win 1/4
Bet on Jadran to win 4/1
Bet on Marseille to win 6/1
Bet on Ortigia to win 50/1
Water polo betting odds to be found at BetVictor

Pick the one you like the most and feel free to check out the latest review about BetVictor Sportsbook as well. They offer the best water polo betting odds, especially if we talk about the LEN Euro Cup 2019!

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