5 Non-Obvious Ways To Spot a Scam Lottery


Posted: July 23, 2020

Updated: July 23, 2020

  • 5 ways to avoid scammers’ lotto sites
  • You should pay special attention to details
  • Check the list of trustworthy lotteries too
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Do you play the lottery online? Check five non-obvious but reliable ways to spot a scam lottery to avoid losing your money to frauds. In addition, we prepared a list of reliable and licensed lotto sites that have stood the test of time.

The lottery is probably the most popular gambling game in the world. It is legal to play even in countries where casinos are banned; the lottery is defined as a game of chance there. According to statistics, almost 35 million people play the lottery annually in the UK only! Therefore, it is difficult to imagine how many fans this game has across the globe.

Such big popularity and demand for the lottery bring along some disadvantages. First of all, it is a scam – some frauds do not miss any chance to make money from lotto fans. They create fake sites, tickets, and ads to attract people and steal their money. Therefore, everyone must be careful while choosing online gambling sites in the UK. We will tell you how to recognize scammers and what criteria to pay attention to at any lotto site.

5 ways to spot a scam lottery

Nowadays, more and more people prefer playing the lottery online. It gives the same winning chances as its offline counterpart but is easier and time-saving. So, if you also want to play Powerball online, read how you can avoid unreliable sites.

Don’t trust emails

ways to spot a scam lottery
If something seems too good to be true…

One of the reliable ways to spot a scam lottery is checking its mails. Online lotto players usually make such a mistake as trusting scammers’ messages. The most popular way to cheat is by sending spam via messages or emails. If you are a frequent guest at lotto sites, you may seem an easy target. 

Usually, frauds send messages depending on your location: they claim you have won the Irish/British/French lottery and encourage you to take your prize. If you play many lotteries at once, you may not notice the pitfall, so, be careful. A reliable site will never spam. Also, scammers can demand money for releasing your jackpot – it is also a popular trap, but we will talk about it later.

Avoid bonuses

It may sound weird, but if you are looking for a reliable lotto site, avoid ones offering great bonuses. Usually, lotto sites don’t offer perks at all – or they are quite modest. For example, one of the best online lottery platforms, theLotter, gives a maximum 10% discount on bundles only and no more perks. The truth is that lottery games are too popular to sell them cheaper. Therefore, if you see a lotto site that attracts you with half-price discounts on tickets or daily bonuses, be sure that it is a scam.

Check lottery games availability

One of the easiest ways to spot a scam lottery is checking the lottery sites carefully. Pay special attention to the variety of games. Reliable sites usually offer plenty of lotteries – from titans like Mega Millions to small local draws. Each draw must be strictly scheduled, with a jackpot and entrance price written. If at least one step is missing, there is a risk of scams.

In addition, good lotto sites offer playing syndicates, bundles, scratch cards. It is not necessary to have them, but it shows the site as a trustworthy place to gamble for money.

Read terms on payouts

If a lotto site seems trustworthy at first glance, look deeper for pitfalls. One of them can be hidden in terms & conditions regarding payouts. Scammers may not show themselves through bonuses or emails, but in case of winning, they will ask you to pay to be able to take your money. If there is at least a sign that you should pay to the lottery, be sure that they are frauds.

You will never be asked to pay anything at reliable online sites in order for your winnings to be released. The lottery has to pay your winnings in full, while the only cost you may pay is your country’s taxes.

Check reviews

Finally, the most obvious criteria that point to a reliable lotto site are reviews & ratings. The better mark the website has and the more reviews it is given, the more reliable it is. Once you learn the ways to spot a scam lottery, check our list of reputable websites.

Spot a scam poster, Belfast (March 2018) © Albert Bridge cc-by-sa ...
Scams are quite common in the UK – Image source:  Albert Bridge under this Creative Commons Licence via Geograph

List of reputable online lotto sites

theLotter is the highest-rated lotto site with plenty of gaming options and simple design. The gambling source has a 4.2/5 rate; its users highly evaluate the variety of games, languages, deposit, and withdrawal methods. At theLotter, lotto fans can play Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, the Irish lottery, and around 50 other games. Bundles and syndicates are also included.

The other highly-rated lotto site is Jackpot.com. It has the biggest variety of lotteries among all gambling websites – more than 400. Here you can find not only various lotto games but also scratch cards and bets on the lotto. The wide variety of games plus the availability of different withdrawal/deposit methods speak for themselves. As a bonus, there is a live gaming option.

EuroLotto and Lotto Agent share third place with a 3.8 rate out of 5. However, such a rate has nothing to do with scammers. A bit limited number of games and the absence of live games may be disappointing for some players, but the others appreciate its deposit limits, availability in various countries, and languages.

Click here to visit theLotter

Check online lotto sites in the UK to find more lotto sites to play at.

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