5 Best Powerball Lottery Winning Tips

  • Powerball is a #1 lottery in the world
  • Two biggest jackpots ever were drawn by it
  • How to win in the Powerball lottery? Here are 5 tips
Powerball lottery winning tips

Playing the lottery blindly? You better change your tactics and try following time-tested tips & tricks from lucky winners to enhance your jackpot-hitting chances. In particular, Powerball lottery winning tips can help you to win the biggest jackpot in history as this lotto game is known for giving away generous prizes.

Powerball is undoubtedly the most popular and profitable lottery game of our time. The biggest lottery prizes ever were drawn by Powerball either online or offline. The most amazing jackpot they have ever offered was $1.5 billion – and they drew it twice! Although one of them was divided between three lucky winners who guessed all numbers, the payout sum is still mind-blowing. If you also want to hit the jackpot of your dream, try Powerball lottery winning tips to win your billions.

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Top-5 Powerball lottery winning tips

Like most gambling and lotto games, playing Powerball requires 90% of luck and 10% of knowledge. One should not underestimate that 10% as knowledge is power and you probably lose the lottery due to lack of it. Read these five tips about the Powerball strategy and try them during the next lotto draw.

Powerball lottery winning tips
Will you get lucky?

Wait for a bigger draw

Let’s start from a non-obvious but useful tip most players don’t know about. While playing the lottery like Powerball, you should wait for a so-called “positive-expectation” draw to increase your winning chances. 

How does it work? Every experienced lotto fan knows that odds of winning the lottery are about 1 to 290 million. It means that players have more chances of getting struck by lightning or becoming a celebrity than winning the jackpot. However, it is not the reason to give up – just the other way about it. It is another reason to use smart tactics like waiting for a bigger draw. It is usually any jackpot bigger than 600 million, so once you see the Powerball sum exceeding that mark – play. In this case, every single number you guess will bring you profit. E.g. for every 1$ bet you will receive at least $1.15 if wagering on “positive-expectation” draw.

Don’t trust quick picks

Quick Pick is a popular trap punters are getting into while playing Powerball. It is an option that allows computers to choose numbers automatically instead of doing it manually. Online lotto sites in the UK that have Powerball also offer this seemingly useful option. Obviously, it saves a lot of time and energy, but can it push on your winning chances? It’s debatable.

The major disadvantage of Quick Pick is its disability to analyze the statistics. We will talk about it in the next paragraph, but to be brief – checking the most frequent past winning combinations will always help. At the same time, a computer won’t weigh your numbers to give you higher chances of winning the whole lottery pot. Finally, Quick Pick can generate the same numbers for other players and you will have to share the Powerball jackpot with them in case of winning.

Pay attention to statistics

As we have just mentioned, statistics is important. There are a number of reasons why it belongs to the Powerball lottery winning tips.

  • Firstly, stats will help you to see the tendency of raffling the lottery “favorite” numbers if there is one. For example, some winning numbers can repeat more than once in different draws. Betting on them will mean there is a higher chance of winning at least from them, which is better than nothing.
  • Read about previous winners’ experiences. Pay attention to the information about the place where they purchased their life-changing tickets. If most of them are bought at online gambling sites in the UK, it means that playing lotto online will give you more winning chances.
  • The statistics will also help you to compare odds on different lotto sites on this or than draw and pick the most profitable one.
  • Powerball lottery winning tips
    Let’s play!

Avoid important dates

Personal important dates and lucky numbers are the most popular lottery picks among fans. Although most people believe in numbers magic, using them all over again is not the best decision. Yes, there were cases when punters won millions of dollars thanks to their birthdates or phone numbers. However, if it is contrary to statistical data, it is better not to risk. For example, once you examine the most frequent winning numbers ever and don’t see any of yours, it is reasonable to give up the idea of crossing them out again and again.

Choose trustworthy sites

Finally, choosing reliable and reputable lotto sites also matters. No one can disagree that playing at scammers’ platforms can seriously damage your budget and even lead to loss of your jackpot in case of winning. However, scammers are not the only evil you should beware of. While choosing a good lottery site, pay attention to the variety of deposit/withdrawal methods, reviews, number of games, etc. All this will help to recognize a trustworthy site.

theLotter is one of the best options to play Powerball online. This is the highest-rated lotto site in Europe with a 4.2 rate out of 5. It supports many languages and currencies, which make your betting experience easier. It also has plenty of deposit and withdrawal methods that allow you to manage your money quickly. Finally, the variety of top lottery picks is impressive: from such titans as Powerball and EuroMillions to local lotto games like the Irish one.

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You can discover more about theLotter here.

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